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Trawoeer Power Pyramid Version 12 - Electrical output from a homemade pyramid

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Hi All,
have a look at the new Pyramid from Thomas Trawöger at:

His  website is

There you can find the full videos how to build this pyramid.

His pyramid seems to have at least a few Watts of output
and is just a solid state device.

Regards, Stefan.

Questions and answer video:

Regards, Stefan.


Hi Stephan,
thx for posting it. Seems here we go again. I still remember Christmas 2007 how TT promised to post complete manual how to build pyramid producing electricity.
He left and went quiet after posting the second part... His servers (which have had allegedly multiple backups) that should spread the info got hacked. Quite some  people tried to replicate from info he released. You know the result. My pyramid frame got rusty in the mean time, gips plates bended...
So now he is back and with 3 hour video that should make the difference.
Lets first get to see the complete video. His website already reached the daily limit. Could somebody download the two video parts?

kind regards,

Yes , I too built a pyramid ,back in the day .In spite of investing time and money I could not afford , I got not so much as a milliwatt .  I remember being bitterly disappointed .
 However , because the cause of free energy is so important , I am willing to give the guy the benefit of the doubt .I look forward to seeing the videos . My old pyramid has long since gone for scrap . If someone successfully replicates this , then I will try to build another .It is only hope that keeps us going .


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