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Author Topic: Valery Uvarov - 14 meter pyramid  (Read 19282 times)

Offline tak22

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Valery Uvarov - 14 meter pyramid
« on: September 06, 2011, 09:25:48 PM »
A big pyramid and information source that probably not many have seen before:

In late autumn of 2006, after pausing for a millennium,  erection of a large scale pyramid has begun in
Russia. The design and possibilities of this pyramid will define the beginning of a new era in the building
 of pyramids on the planet Earth.

The long-term study of the pyramids of Egypt, Mayan, China, and Schumer, including ancient texts have
 determined the construction model of new pyramid.   Scientific experiments to study the pyramid effect
 on animate and inanimate objects, is well covered in "THE PYRAMIDS" ,  a book written by Valery Uvarov.   

In contrast to ancient examples and pyramid-like objects set up by Alexander Golod (Russia), the new
 pyramid will be a monolith made of beton, containing pure white quartz. Combining not only basic, but
 also little-known features of ancient pyramids, including basic principals of cosmo-planetarian cycles,
 the new pyramid will contain:

 - four-level system of chamber resonators,

- three-level system of tanks for water,

- cone-shape canal, coming through pyramid along its central energy axis for concentration of counter
 energy flows of Space and Time,

- and unique energy installation.

During the last phase of the construction process the big quartz pyramidion will be placed on top of the
 pyramid, and a complex of special energy sources installed under it.

The pyramid will be set up according to Valery Uvarov's design.

It will be about 14 meters high. All its geometric parameters will embody the key energetic rhythms of
 the Earth and the Sun. The construction model of the new pyramid have been patented in 2006.

The knowledge of what the pyramids are and what they were constructed for in earlier times,
has defined principles and stages of building process.