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Safe One Wire energy transfer by Serbian inventor Milutin Miletic

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New Serbian TESLA !
Milutin Miletic is a retired technology engineer (not electrical),
he has invented something extraordinary.

Alternating current is filtered and flows through ONE wire only and powers a classical light bulb.

His words are that he was able to join positive, negative and the ground into one electrical flow,
and that is not all - human can hold the pure unisolated wire without any problems!
No electrical Shocking !

The power is 220V in Serbia (you can see in the video that he is using the regular power supply),
and 220V powers the light bulb, so voltage stays the same.

There are no sparks, the power is totally safe, even you cut the wire, the flow will stop but without any sparks.

So safety is one of the greatest benefits.

He says that he was able to make sure that no electrons would escape the wire.

His claim is also that there are significant (drastic) savings in power consumptions
(he is using it for his water heater and thermal blanket).

He also says that this type of current can heat the wire up to 1000C and be used as a heater,
and that all high voltage cables could be replaced with a much smaller profile wire.

He also claims that this setup can be adjusted so that 5Kw flows through 1mm wire.

With slightly bigger profiles, much more power could be used.

He says he had worked on this patent for 20 years, and it is now being evaluated by the patent office.

Here are 3 videos about it:

This is pretty revolutionary !

I hope it is not getting bought out by the current companies and put in a safe.

Maybe it is simular to the Avramenko plug one wire system ?

But Milutin seems not to alter the frequency ?

Does he need a special wire to do it ?
Maybe he is just using the longitudinal waves inside the wire and
totally filters out the transversal waves, that just travel on the surface of the wire ?

So if it works by just pure electron current INSIDE the wire, so just pure dielectric current
the electrons can not flow to ground via your body ?

Hmm, anyway, it is pretty amazing.

Regards, Stefan.

Maybe someone, that speaks Serbian language can post a video transcription of the 3 videos ?

Many thanks in advance.

P.S: Can the inventor be contacted and invited over here or maybe someone
can visit him and interview him ?

It would be too bad, if this invention would be lost or bought off and put in a safe.

If he really still uses the normal 230 Volts / 50 Hz AC and does not convert it to high frequency
like in an Avramenko plug,
then it is really a revolutionary invention.

Regards, Stefan.


This would be amazing technology, the revival of the hidden inventions from Tesla. Unfortunately I feel the worst, which is: it will never come to public and the information being posted and shown in the vids is just not enough. Hopefully this will change and we get some insight before it disappears in a drawer :s

This is obviously one of the BIGGEST INVENTIONS in the HISTORY OF THE WORLD.

Unfortunately, this inventor is repeating the mistakes of other inventors wanting to profit from it, rather than helping the world.

The Multi TRILLION DOLLAR Big Oil Industry will NEVER allow this to come out.

Click on this link to see why:;_ylt=A0oG7mkvcfpNixIAv5lXNyoA?ei=UTF-8&fr=yfp-t-701&p=list+of+dead+scientists&rs=1&fr2=rs-top


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