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Title: Romero Says "We are missing the effects" Lets have an effects discussion...
Post by: infringer on June 13, 2011, 04:59:41 AM
Let us discuss the effects:

Bedini effect what he coins "Radiant energy charging" may be possible but from the scope shots it does not look like it follows the same waveform although we are dealing with AC while Bedini deals with DC so maybe romerouk's wave is the equal to this in AC IDK ... But it is a dynamo all magnets are facing the same way this is like Bedini charging system.

Kormay Effect where at a certain RPM the speed increases and the draw decreases. Not so sure I even named this right might be korney IDK need more info.

Litz Wire I don't believe it has anything to do with skin effect at all as ZFF said but instead as romerouk points out it is possible to raise voltage which may work well for the bedini spike ... We cant discount other things with litz like being the correct size to draw energy from some oscillating wave of some sort as long as it is the proper size or close to it it will draw energy from the wave. A good example of this was the infrared antenna that were just developed to collect electricity from infrared waves. 5 - 10 um antenna were used to do this and it will be 30% efficient at capturing infrared waves works both day and night.

Shorting of a coil he mentions this but.... I am not aware of its use in this device.

The shape of his coils are some what cone shaped might be important as muller made his coils in this manner to defeat some of the lenz effect.

Anything else you could think to include that romero pointed out get cracking on it and share it.