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Title: Good configuration for hot fusion
Post by: Charlie Brown ARN on April 10, 2005, 01:59:29 PM
Imagine a reactor configuration where electric and magnetic fields reinforce each other. Imagine a pack of life saver candy - Each candy is a magnetic coil, the central candy is ground and strongly magnetized the end candies are strongly positively charged and weakly magnetized. The plasma will be positively charged meaning that it will be deficit in electrons. That's o.k. because the electrons aren't reactants and they dissipate energy by radiating it.  The magnetic field will be hourglass shaped, a stable shape, but a shape which pushes ions out the ends. The electric field caps the ends for the nucleons but the nucleons can't meet the central coil because of the magnetic field. A plasma rocket engine could be made as a variation by allowing hot plasma out one end. Industrial plasmas would also be useful. Thermonuclear fusion is easily possible if heat can be fully recycled as offered by diode arrays but it is good to have a high performance device. The present energy companies may not want fusion.

Charles M. Brown