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Author Topic: Offtopic, but very interesting: Going through glas ? Just an illusion ??  (Read 10200 times)

Offline hartiberlin

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Yes, the guy in the office is his companion , he is putting back the glas after
Chris Angle has gone through it. It is all staged and just setup for the
camera. Also there are cuts in the video, so they have had time to
put the glas plate away and back in...

It is always psychologically astonishing, how oneself is overwhelmed by the fact, that
other people cry "Ohh and Ahhh...." and oneself forgets to analyze the scene
and one is influenced by the other people... !
This is probably an old instinct from the stoneage from the fact that during
dangerous moments all people want to move into the same direction
or want to warn each other...
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Offline hartiberlin

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Maybe you you already know the Indian master Sai Baba. He materializes gold, rings, necklaces and stuff like that.
Here is a link to some videos:

The quality of some videos is quite poor but I don't think that he is tricking millions of Indian people who are celebrating him as the reincarnation of god. Didn't Jesus also materialize his thoughts? Besides Jesus and Sai Baba said that everybody can do these "wonders"...

This guy really looks like Jimi Hendrix senior...
I wonder if he will pull out an e-guitar from his lower arm sleeve
and rock the people with licking his guitar strings ! ;) LOL !;)
I wonder, what he still had hidden all in his lower arm sleeve ????

When he pukes out these golden balls he probably had them fixed on very small
fishing line threads and just pulls it out of his stomach...
Clever tricks ! ;)