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Hi All,
I just came across this Youtube video:

This is from the Youtube user:

He wrote to me:

nice to hear from you!
Im only author of the video, this one was built by my friend. There is no battery or external power, permanent magnets only and works fine.

No problem with copying to yours yt channel.




So this seems to be  Takahaschi / paul Sprain motor principle again.

So what are your comments to this ?

Maybe he is using the center area there to induce energy to have
enough energy to repell the rotor magnets at the electromagnet position ?

Many thanks to Peter for this video.
I hope he will tell us still more about it.

Regards, Stefan.

Does anybody understand, what the guys are saying in this video ?

Please post the translation here.

Many thanks.

Regards, Stefan.

Hi Stefan,

Without knowing anything else about this motor, I would guess that if it is some kind of attraction ramp like the magnetic Wankel engine (as you mentioned), he could have that output coil wired up in such a way that it creates a repulsive force as the magnet approaches (due to the induced current). This repulsive force could be used to nullify the attraction sticky spot at the end of the attraction ramp.

That's the best I can come up with without additional information.

- Jason O

Here is one way to make a magnetic Wankel motor. The sticky point is at the bottom of
the motor. A electric coil is pulsing the magnet past the sticky point.


Note that the magnets here are not placed at the whole circumference. Some holes for magnets are empty.
Would be cool to know more details on this one.


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