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Title: Space Mars but off topic
Post by: raburgeson on June 01, 2011, 08:36:24 PM
They just keep giving us more and more information. There is no lie they tell us that they don't crack themselves. The latest one cracked is cracked with this tidbit. Look up tumbleweed rovers. By their previous description Mars atmosphere is so thin it would take over a 50 mile an hour wind before you could even feel a breeze. Therefore a tumbleweed rover would not work. Go back and read all the crap and find out there is liquid water on Mars. Find it yourself the lie is so simple, they debunked it themselves. You have to keep in mind who the articles are written for. I will give you an example, off topic again. Finding it yourself makes it precious.

Their was an article discussing using liquid metal for shielding H3 reactors. This article was not written for the average public. It was written for countries that will sooner or later try it. The conclusion is the U.S.A. has done it.