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Title: Tips to protect yourself from being caught posting or owning details about OU
Post by: ThereIsNoSpoon2 on May 15, 2011, 01:56:03 AM
I've heard more than once that people that release details about their OU device receive threads from unwanted visitors. When you are in possession of an OU device, or even when you suspect you are, you are going to need to take drastic measures not to get caught. Below I will list some tips on what you can do to reduce that thread. I would also like to address some weak points in the forum. I hope others will have suggestions on this topic as well, so this community can guarantee anonymity of the inventors. Here we go:

- Use a clean computer. No software that may have trojans, firewall on. Take a separate pc, or buy a cheap netbook and install a clean OS if you have to. Install Linux if you want to be more safe.

- Turn on the firewall for outgoing traffic as well. Nothing going out what you did not ask for. Outgoing http traffic will remain a problem though.

- Use an internet privacy tool like JAP/JonDo. You can download it here ( Setup your proxy to port 4001. Take the paid version if you are serious about it.

- Use an open source browser like Firefox. It's harder for someone to place back doors in open source software, because everyone can see the code.

- Either don't keep any documents, messages or other data about your device on your computer, or if you do need to keep those, use TrueCrypt. (

- Don't send emails about your device to anyone, and don't send emails at all to anyone connected to this forum. Use the "My Messsages" option in the forum.

- And off course don't talk on the forum about anything that may lead to you or your location.

This will make you hard to find.

What this forum can do to make it safer:
- Enable https SSL encryption on the web server. The http version can stay active, but https should be an option. A trusted certificate is needed though.
- Remove the exact post time from the messages, so it will be hard to match traffic logs with the post time.
- If possible, put a variable delay in between the time that the post is received, and when the post actually becomes visible. For the same reason as last point.

This may all seem a bit paranoid, but there are some very wealthy companies on this planet with very powerful shareholders which do not intend to be taken down by anyone's invention. So whatever you do, stay off their radar.