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Moebius capacitor rotates when energized but does not consume power ?

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I have seen some Russian videos,
where a guy has some kind of Moebis capacitor built and charges
it up with a low voltage via a cap and then hangs it on a string
and it begins to rotate from itsself
and the cap probably does not discharge !
So he has created a free energy spinning thing.

Watch this:

So how does this work ?
Pretty amazing !
Regards, Stefan.


Hi mate. 

I notice you tend to get ahead of yourself in assumptions.  This is not a scientific or a balanced, fair approach to determining how something works!

You said "the cap probably does not discharge".  Does the inventor state this??  No.  So why add incorrect data to the equation and muddy the waters?  Additionally the comment of "so he has created a free energy spinning thing" is additionally erroneous.  This is not fact and it doesnt help your cause (or the free energy movement) to say incorrect things and then later be easily proven wrong.

Now back to things scientific.
1)  All capacitors lose charge.
2)  IF this is a moebius setup, then POSSIBLY it creates scalar waves which interact with the environment, hence inducing spin.  Scalar waves are capable of many things.
3)  It might not be what the inventor states at all.

Thats it.

Wow, that thingy is awesome.. Can't understand anything he is saying except I heard electrode I think...Can anyone pretty please translate those videos so I can watch them again and read what he is saying. I so want to make that.....Thanks.....

I have seen the videos. It's really great!!!!!! & informative also. Thanks a lot for sharing. I have enjoyed & also learn from here..

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One thing he could do that would easily improve his first experimental
video is to use a sub-minature slide switch out of a small electronics
device, to show that the mobius capacitor does not rotate on the
string until power is supplied to it. I assume that is how it should
work. That is a very easily implemented thing that would improve
the value of what he is demonstrating significantly.



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