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RomeroUK Dynamo Parts List Need Help Folks.

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Everyone wants a complete parts list and everyone seems to have problems sourcing one part or another so the goal here is to complete a parts listing with the RomeroUK-Dynamo parts list.

Yes it is bare right now I need to go thread fishing to fill what is already known but any addons will be accepted so long as they are RomeroUK-Dynamo not the Muller version.

Lets leave Muller and his design out if this discussion we already know whom is accredited for the original design I think the addition of his name and design will only add more confusion.

Here is the list I have compiled.

Please maintain the same format while updating.

Download the .txt document edit it then reupload it here!

Thanks for making this Thread,
RomeroUk:  could you please list the semiconductors involved and IC s if any
Thank you v much

Parts I have ordered so far for the new build.
I got it 30mm diameter so I can put it on my lathe and cut it to make sure it fits perfect on the bearings and SPROCKET CARRIERS.
I bought 16 and I will have them 2 togheter to make the same 8 in total.

Bearings I already have
I bought 3 so I can glue them together to make 3cm thick.

Mosfets are going to be used now, not sure what type yet. I have about 50 irfz44 but that is the last to worry.
Mosfets drivers - I have about 8 TC4422

Cores and coils are going to be built here. Not ordered yet but I bought parts here before.

people can also buy existing stock coils just to use the core

More to come...

I guess my point is in order to replicate something we must have full out specifics on the said thing we are replicating.

Otherwise we will have a variation and not a replication.

The light is the only thing that I can see which is not important in this device and the threaded rod should not matter either.

But the size and types of bearings are needed.

Other specifics are needed as well but I thank you for all of the info so far it has been in depth but is missing some key things.

I live in the US actually so sourcing parts here will be a bit different then the UK probably cheaper too.

Why try to replicate something we don't know works yet? It don't make since to me we are trying to replicate the already working device.

We need the information you sent to your local laser cutters the prints or whatever it was that you gave them so that we can replicate all the acrylic parts that you had milled !

The pictures are nice and fancy and so forth but without precise prints or measurements it will not be a replication. We need all of this information. Every last bit of info down to a T in order to replicate something we have to be very concise this is a precision machine there is very little tolerances if any you have said it yourself.


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