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Title: Idea I had since elementary school
Post by: preoccupied on May 01, 2011, 05:39:04 AM
I posted about this also on forum using the same user ID.  I would like to be cited as the source of this idea when it is presented by other people than myself.  Remember to cite me as the source of this idea please!

I have a hypothesis about the swastika.  I think the swastika can be turned and give mechanical advantage to another swastika by first turning the swastika by a square.  The square has an axle going in and attaches to the swastika by 4 bars and the swastika has an axle going out which can attach to a new thing.  That new thing in the hypothesis can be another square that can allow another swastika to add yet more mechanical advantage.  The mechanical advantage can be any amount as long as more squares and swastikas can fit.

If this works a machine can create energy using mechanical parts.  An example I can think of is adding distance to a gear system.  Because a gear system can't attach to itself it needs additional distance.  A rock can be thrown by two arms powered by gears and be caught by two arms of another machine.  The other machine can trigger a neighboring machine to throw a second rock.  There would need to be three rocks and six throws for all the machines to alternate back to the original machine which would have its rock thrown back at it.  This would cause the output of the original machine to travel back and be its input.  This makes sense because there will be an end to the mechanical advantage when the machine reaches its limits but until then energy can be taken from the mechanical advantage and power things to do useful work. 

I think this hypothesis is exciting.  I feel the best way to get credit for it isn't a patent but common knowledge that I am the origin of the idea.  So if you think I'm correct please share my post with as many people as you can.  I want to be rewarded for my idea if I am correct.  I think I know I'm right about my idea so I don't know why many people don't understand it.
Title: Re: Idea I had since elementary school
Post by: bourne on May 01, 2011, 01:13:17 PM
You should have used a (

It spins more freely, far less resistance.