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Title: Raising Money for Projects
Post by: eisnad karm on April 25, 2011, 12:48:53 PM
Over the years on this an many other forums I read how many hobbyists and inventors always struggle for funds for parts, equipment etc. This is especially hard for those who were retired, raising a family or victim of the economy.
My daughter who I support with school and rowing costs (very expensive) wanted to contribute to her flying lessons. Because of he work load she cant get a regular part time job. I told her to start a blogg and use google add sense. (I am not promoting google here) i said it might be of interest your adventures flying etc. Of course she put the challenge out and said prove it. So at no cost I did a google blogg just with some small posts about solar etc and signed up for add sense. I was expecting those who clicked on the adds I might get 2c or more. I was shocked when I found I was getting over an average of $1 per click through. I also was able to track what countires and states people who viewed were.
So I was thinking that some of you have some pretty interesting things to say (not just overunity and you could set up your own blogg or rant and help yourselves raise a few bucks for your projects. I am still very new to it (just a week)

I will not continue with this one for much longer as it was an experiment (I spelt the URL wrong) but will help my daughter set hers up.
Its just an Idea but in less that a week I had $50 in the account and am sure by linking it and putting some effort it could be a good income for projects.

I am sure some of you will frown on this but its only be suggested as a helpfull hint. It took me less than an hour to set up.
As a matter of helping this site out and because the adds are sometimes of interest I go look at the adds on this site.
Just before I go I am curious if any of you click on my bog let me know what state you are from and what they are advertising. I can see how well the diagnostics tools are.
Kind Regards