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Author Topic: Virtual Magnetic Spin  (Read 5578 times)

Offline DreamThinkBuild

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Virtual Magnetic Spin
« on: April 14, 2011, 04:29:31 AM »
Hi All,

Something I've been wanting to try is creating a virtual spinning magnetic field. I just installed the trial version of Vizimag and it looks like it could be possible. It also could be possible to get a smoother spin by using a multi-phased AC waveform.
You can see how a complete section is knocked out of the outer ring as it changes polarity. The flux is only a strong as the current traveling through the wire.

If anybody has ideas on improving let me know.

Sorry for the large image I couldn't find a way to scale the gif animation. only scales the image not the animation.

Offline DreamThinkBuild

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Re: Virtual Magnetic Spin
« Reply #1 on: April 15, 2011, 02:33:10 AM »
Hi All,

I whipped up a very rough prototype to test the idea. See pics.

The ring is made of 14awg steel electric fence wire.

The cross is made from old transformer lamination's that I just folded/bent into small bars on the anvil.

The test pickup coil is 26 gauge around 14-15 turns. I just wanted to see if I could pickup a signal where the flux goes out as shown on the sim.

For power I used a 3000F ultra-cap that was charged to around ~2.5v.

The output is just fed to 1/2 watt 10 ohm which was just handy because of other projects. :)

Four 6" 14awg wires run through the circle 3 are wired same polarity the the last one, where the pickup coil is, wired reverse polarity

The way I tested was just briefly touching the wires to cap and watching scope. When quickly touching the cap I would read around 2 volt spikes through resistor which would be around 400mw on output but the pulse width is between 5-10us.(very short)

The input draw I measured 2.5vdc@~3.5-4 amps = around 10 watts per touch.

Since we're capturing the B-Field flux the only way this could maybe work is by stringing 4 6ft cables and placing 50+ of these units on it with 4 coils each and switching the polarity of each wire one at a time. A much better core would have to be designed, increasing the switching speed and more pickup coil turns would also help.

Update: Forgot to mention,

I get 700mv, Pulse width around 50us ~49mw when I reverse the polarity of the wire to the opposite side of the pickup coil.
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