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Author Topic: Is there something wrong with It's missing a Magnetic Motor forum !  (Read 7892 times)

Offline JohnPhoenix

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I look down the list of forums and I see sub forums for every category Except Magnetic Motors.

You have:

Gravity powered devices
solid state devices
Joule Thief -Powering circuits with just one battery
Captret effect- Researching the selfcharging capacitor electret effect called captret

These have sub categories of their own but there is no place for Magnetic Motors

2nd "law" violations
New Battery systems
Hydrogen energy
Conventional alternative energy systems
Solar energy
Wind energy
Water wave energy usage

I just find this really odd that there is no dedicated sub forum for Magnetic Motors. In the Panacea's Free Energy Suppression production - ( 53 parts each 10 minutes long) there are many magnetic motors shown that appear to work well.

In fact as most of you know, making motors from magnets or configuring magnets in machines in various ways to boost energy output using the pull or push of the magnets has been a long sought after and popular area of experimentation.

So, why no Magnetic Motor forum on It doesn't make sense to me.

Offline 4Tesla

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The mechanic forum is where to find magnetic motors:

Offline JohnPhoenix

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I find that very odd because to me, the effects of magnets are not mechanic they are electromagnetic. You can use magnets in a normal fashion like they do to make regular motors today but there is nothing special about that. Using the attracting and repelling effect of a magnet to make a motor by itself is different. To me these effects are, in themselves displaying a form of electricity. ( as does gravity - this is all wrapped up in the electric model of the universe as I understand it.)

No matter how you use a magnet though, clearly there is more going on than simply a mechanical function.

Offline ramset

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To my Knowledge NO ONE has shared a working Magnet motor [the how its done part].

And yes I agree The Magnetic contribution has to be Much, much more than Mechanical!


Offline Qwert

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Since magnetic properties can be used both in mechanical and solid state devices, those magnetic ones which make visible movement, are considered mechanical. So, it's properly placed in this forum.