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Title: please bake this
Post by: raburgeson on May 26, 2006, 05:40:55 AM
I posted a pic of a cloaked plane at the perfect angle hoping a digital pic can be spectral analysed.
The end of that chemtrail might tell us how it was done. So all you guys smarter than I am crack your fingers and give it a whirl.

A question I have I have not been able to answer is, does a permenent magnet have a dc electrical componet as a
field. This is a tricky question and I'm lousy at asking questions. Electro magnetism is coined because one componet is generated when the other componet is generated or exists. Permanet magnets have opposing magnetic fields and should have opposing electrical fields. I'll stop right here for now and go ??? Would these to fields act just like the magnetic componet and attact each other and wind up zero volts? Can you kind of figure out what I'm asking? Can we insulate these fields if they exist from each other completely? The theory in the 20s was the magnetic field came out of a magnet at both ends, attacted each other and joined. The new theory about reversed light has me questioning a unidirectional force in a magnet.