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Title: lightning bolts, move towards positively ionized water.
Post by: 11:11 on February 20, 2011, 07:17:56 AM

the following is a theory.
if you do not like theories,
or the people who volunteer them,
than that is your personal disability.

anything that a person thinks they know,
is just their prefered theory.

water is usually neutrally ionized.
in that it has one electron, for every proton.

when water gets close to sand/rock,
the water becomes positively ionized.
or it loses an electron.

and that electron floats upwards,
towards the air moisture in the sky.

the map under "properties",
shows that lightning has a strong proference,
for striking places,
that have water on the ground.
or water slightly above the ground.

the lightning bolts tend to stay away from desert area's.
because there is little water, even though there is sand and rock.

the lightning bolts tend to stay away the ocean.
because there is little sand/rock close to the surface,
even though there is water.

lightning bolts strike land,
that has water on/above it.

because that water has been positively ionized,
by the sand/rock around it.

it is proposed,
that instead of thinking in terms,
of negative voodoo magnetism,
chasing after positive voodoo magnetism....

that one thinks in terms of negative electrons,
chasing after positively ionized water.

or chasing after "holes",
as atoms that have more protons than electrons,
are sometimes called.

for the sake of us all.
do something with it,
that is more useful than complaining.