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 :-\ Hey, it was free!

Someone sent this egroup that video a few months ago.  Is that your device?

Michael Couch

does anybody else have any information on shumann resonance generators?

Hello Kane,

    The video's of the Shumann Resonant Energy Coil are the first I have seen. I believe that this is the device that Steven Greer made reference to in his appearance on the Coast to Coast AM talk show about a year and a half ago. It is very strange to me how I came upon this information as I was just explaining the concept of this very same idea to a friend of mine during a 3 1/2 hour long distance conversation only the night before someone signed me up to this forum using my ZPEnergy name and password. I had never heard of this forum before the next day after receiving this membership in my MSN mail account. I do believe that I can replicate this type of device, and that it should work. My only problem is that I am not an expert in radio technologies which will be required to approximate this technology. This is a project that I have wanted very badly to take on but many-many things have continued to take up my time to the point that it is not yet possible for me at least. I do not claim to be another Tesla and I cannot work with arrogant people who pretend to know everything but, I do know a great deal of facts and information that I have gleened through years of working within black projects for the U.S. DoD, and have spent more than 30+ years in research involving nearly every area of free/alternative energy technologies. I am currently working with a group of people involved with the PES "ISBP OS Project" EI: (Ion Source Beam Projector), and am in fact the inventor of that device. Because of the number of different people and technologies that I am involved with at this time, I have no time left to take on another such project, but I would be interested in working with anyone who does have the time to R&D this kind of technology because, I believe it is the real deal. There is already very sufficient information to this effect and I believe that Nikola Tesla already knew all of this and indeed much more. It is also my opinion that this particular breed of technology, will not only provide a means of producing electricity without the need for fuel but, will also provide the answers to the anti-gravity questions that some of the alleged experts in the field have been looking for all along. I have tried to point this out to Tim Ventura of American Anti-Gravity but I don't think he got it. My name is Jim and you can e-mail me at if you are interested in taking on such a project, otherwise, if you are simply a curious onlooker but don't really want to become involved in an active sense, my calander is rather booked already. I am very serious and believe that this is one of the most serious problems of our times, and that there is no time left to waste. I live in the states and at the moment have unlimited long distance calling so we can talk if you are up for this. Just let me know Kane.

Best Regards,


Is this related to the Schumann Resonance?

Where can I find more information on this Shumann Resonant Energy Coil?  Can anyone freely download the video?



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