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Title: does vibration count, as solid state ?
Post by: 11:11 on February 11, 2011, 11:08:26 PM

thomas throeagers pyramid,
was likely creating electrostatic movement.

like a wimhurst machine,
uses electrostatic movement.

or like lord kelvins thunderstorm,
used electrostatic movement.

thomas troeager had vibration moving through his entire pyramid device.

but the central capacitor,
and copper loop,
were shaking in different directions,
relative to how the copper band with the magnet attached to one end,
was shaking.

thomas troeagers device,
was as "solid state",
as a wimhurst machine,
is soluid state!

the 2 biggest differences, is that his device physically shook,
instead of spun.

and the positively ionized metal,
stayed positively ionized only.

just like the negatively ionized metal,
likely stayed negatively ionized only.

which allowed electrons to move one way only, as amperage.

without constantly moving back and forth between ionized metals,
instead of moving one way only through the load,
as amperage.

TT's pyramid, did not switch ionizations.
which is the only reason that a lightning bolt,
is able to have any amperage at all.