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Author Topic: 01  (Read 7357 times)

Offline evolvingape

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« on: February 08, 2011, 05:28:15 AM »

The work required to move a unit of positive charge, a magnetic pole, or an amount of mass from a reference point to a designated point in a static electric, magnetic, or gravitational field; potential energy.

Potential Difference:

The difference in electric potential between two points in an electric field; the work that has to be done in transferring unit positive charge from one point to the other, measured in volts.
Symbol U ΔV, Δφ Abbreviation pd

Electromotive Force:

The energy per unit charge that is converted reversibly from chemical, mechanical, or other forms of energy into electrical energy in a battery or dynamo.

a.  a source of energy that can cause a current to flow in an electrical circuit or device
b.  the rate at which energy is drawn from this source when unit current flows through the circuit or device, measured in volts.
Symbol E Abbreviations emf EMF


The SI derived unit used to measure electric potential at a given point, usually a point in an electric circuit. A voltage difference of one volt drives one ampere of current through a conductor that has a resistance of one ohm. One joule of work is required to move an electric charge of one coulomb across a potential difference of one volt. One volt is equivalent to one joule per coulomb.

Potential Unit:

A measure of the potential energy of a unit charge at a given point in a circuit relative to a reference point (ground)


Electromagnetic radiation that has a wavelength in the range from about 4,000 (violet) to about 7,700 (red) angstroms and may be perceived by the normal unaided human eye.

Electromagnetic radiation of any wavelength.

RM :)
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Offline exnihiloest

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Re: 01
« Reply #1 on: February 08, 2011, 10:24:25 AM »
What is your purpose?

Offline evolvingape

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Re: 01
« Reply #2 on: February 10, 2011, 07:15:52 AM »
What is my purpose ?

Never has such an elegantly simple question been put to me that has caused me to pace the floor so much.

A partial answer is that I am attempting to create a Zero Point Potential Difference in this moment as perceived by me. The scientific community has polluted the knowledge base to such an extent that it is hard to know what to believe anymore.

My attempt at a solution to this problem is to put my understanding out there for analysis by others. Sometimes a wrong answer is more valuable than a right answer. Maybe along the way we will achieve enlightenment through unity.

Anyway, the image I posted entitled 01 was my attempt at communicating my understanding of Electro Magnetic Sphereoidal Wavepoints. In some ways it worked in some ways it did not.

The image was drawn 2 Dimensionally and shows opposite polarity shells wrapped around each other in a balance with a net EM charge of zero along each event horizon boundary.

The opposing polarities effectively create a 0 and a 1 and create a potential difference. This potential difference manifests as an electromotive force at the event horizon boundary and reacts at 90 and 270 degrees, or, 1/4 and 3/4 wavelength.

If you can imagine in your mind the 2 Dimensional image as a 3 Dimensional Sphere then you will see that what appears as black squares is actually a black Sphere. I attempted to show a 2 Dimensional "slice" through a 3 Dimensional Sphere.

My theory for the event horizon boundary is that it is created at the zero point between two opposite polarities. Every magnet has a point of zero net magnetic charge at the linear distance centre between both opposing poles.

Magnetic fields act as a perfect spring with 100% conservation of energy. Any force that acts on the field will create an equal and opposite reaction and the energy will be perfectly stored until the outside force is removed at which point the magnetic field will release the energy stored in a rebound effect.

If you imagine a balloon filled with water is the sphere, and you poke it with your finger, it will oscillate. So what I am proposing is that the event horizon of the boundary will oscillate if acted on by an outside force, but will always remain stable in 3 Dimensional Space Time as it has a net EM charge of Zero and a linear potential difference exists between it and its centre.

Basically, I am attempting to show how you can start with two potentials, a 0 and a 1, a positive and a negative, and from this arises the very building blocks of Space Time itself. All you need is a potential difference to create the building blocks of the universe at the micro level.

What i discussed in this very brief paper:

We know that light is an electromagnetic wave and as such will have a wavelength. Light becomes the information carrier to communicate change of an EM Sphere to another EM Sphere. Imagine the Spheres are little balls all in a pool (like your kids play in).

Distance = Speed X Time

So, We know that light has a speed, and an EM Sphere should theoretically have a linear distance between a zero point on its event horizon boundary and its opposite counterpart located 180 degrees from it.

From this a linear Time component is created.

Now, Magnetic Fields transmit information instantly and the event horizon boundary (EHB) is sphereoidal, which is actually irrelevant to the information exchange between two linear points as the fields change to convey the information with a net gain of zero.

So a potential difference is created between the instant communication of the EHB field and the limited maximum speed of light.

As you work through the principles from 01 Potential Difference eventually you will be able to show how Trigonometry arises naturally and why acceleration around a curve occurs.

I have broken the 01 image down into some of its basic components to try and explain what I mean.

The 01 PES is an attempt to show how we could possibly harness the Potential Difference of the Universe and use that to exploit the Potential Difference of the energy released from Hydrogen and the Energy used to create it.

The Solar Panels could easily be replaced by wind power or a water wheel for example. Any energy at all liberated from this would instantly be overunity as we understand it as the Source Energy to "start" the process is provided by the potential difference of the universe and is effectively "free" or as I prefer to term it "pre-paid".

One of the problems we currently have is that the process we use to convert the combustion into rotary moment is a linear piston engine and crankshaft. They require large amounts of hydrogen fuel and are inefficient which makes Nature Power as a Prime Mover Energy Source impractical.

The creation of the Linear Firing Valve concept was primarily an attempt to fully harness the release of energy from the Hydrogen on any scale. It has an ECV which a piston engine does not have, It allows for full expansion of the hot gas where a piston cylinder limits it, and through the use of a rotary turbine converts the gas expansion direct to rotary moment cutting out the losses from the crankshaft conversion.

It can be made to any scale to suit any level of Potential Difference Hydrogen production, it is going to be very cheap to mass produce. I have high hopes for it, if you can get it to go *bang* from a PD HHO source all you have to do is figure out how to best use that *bang*.

The important point is that by utilising the PD HHO and the LFV we move the efficiency gain "race" from 0-100% as in current closed systems to 100%+ in an open system. This virtually guarantees overunity because the cost in producing the fuel will be zero.

Thankyou for the question, it helped me a lot.

I hope my basic explanation above helps in partially explaining my purpose. There is more to say but that is for another day.

RM :)

Offline evolvingape

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Re: 01
« Reply #3 on: February 13, 2011, 08:23:29 PM »
These images might help explain what I mean by EMF Wave Cancelling creating EHB = 0

RM :)

Offline evolvingape

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Re: 01
« Reply #4 on: April 01, 2011, 05:53:29 AM »
Hi Everyone,

Today I want to talk about Electro Magnetic Fluid Dynamics.

This is some of my interpretation of all disciplines relating to 01 or Potential Difference.

The image below EMFD shows two types of waveform, a DC and an AC.

The basic premise is that Voltage equates to Electrical Pressure and Current equates to Area. Mass Flow of Charge moved is represented as Watts per cycle.

In the DC waveform we see a Voltage acceleration through 90 degrees, and a corresponding conversion into Current at 90 degrees, and then a stabilisation of parallel flow.

In the AC waveform we see the same beginning, but a reversal of polarity at 180 degrees, creating an equal phased oscillation.

In practice the acceleration velocity of Voltage Pressure when released, is so fast, and the corresponding conversion of Pressure into Current Flow is also equally as fast, that the waveform angle from Zero will not be 45 degrees, very probably less than 1 degree.

I have taken a liberty with the drawing to show the relationship.

Where does the relationship come from ?

Voltage is a potential difference, a range between two points. This creates linear distance. Exactly half way between these two points there will always be a Zero.

This creates a situation where Pressure, acting equal and opposite will seek to balance, and will discharge at 90 degrees along the Zero axis.

This creates an energy conversion into Velocity, and Velocity creates Flow.

Current, which is the Area the Pressure has to Flow through, always begins at Zero, and must do so, because there was no Current till you opened the Pressure tap to release the Velocity.

It has been noted recently that a battery has deliverable power remaining when it is holding a Voltage Range within 15 - 20% or so of its Total Potential Difference. This shows that Pressure at the outer range band of the 01 is what causes Flow.

A quote from Wikipedia:

“A direct current flows constantly and uniformly throughout the cross-section of a uniform wire. An alternating current of any frequency is forced away from the wire's center, toward its outer surface. This is because the acceleration of an electric charge in an alternating current produces waves of electromagnetic radiation that cancel the propagation of electricity toward the center of materials with high conductivity. This phenomenon is called skin effect.”

So... With the DC Flow we see a reduction in Pressure and Area through linear time as the Source Pressure is expended at a rate determined by the Current. This creates a Pressure and Current trend toward Zero.

With AC Flow we see a Frequency 1 Phase / Anti-Phase relationship, that creates an oscillation, that creates Current and Voltage spikes crossing Zero.

This is why AC creates a skin effect and Charge Flow is on the outside of the square toroid.

Amplitude trends to Zero in a closed system COP<1 because the power source is consumed.

Amplitude trends to beyond Zero, or opposite Zero, in an open system COP>1 due to Sympathetic Resonance:

Which leads to:


“Flutter is a self-feeding and potentially destructive vibration where aerodynamic forces on an object couple with a structure's natural mode of vibration to produce rapid periodic motion. Flutter can occur in any object within a strong fluid flow, under the conditions that a positive feedback occurs between the structure's natural vibration and the aerodynamic forces. That is, that the vibrational movement of the object increases an aerodynamic load, which in turn drives the object to move further. If the energy during the period of aerodynamic excitation is larger than the natural damping of the system, the level of vibration will increase, resulting in self-exciting oscillation. The vibration levels can thus build up and are only limited when the aerodynamic or mechanical damping of the object matches the energy input, which often results in large amplitudes and can lead to rapid failure. Because of this, structures exposed to aerodynamic forces - including wings, aerofoils, but also chimneys and bridges - are designed carefully within known parameters to avoid flutter. In complex structures where both the aerodynamics and the mechanical properties of the structure are not fully understood, flutter can only be discounted through detailed testing. Even changing the mass distribution of an aircraft or the stiffness of one component can induce flutter in an apparently unrelated aerodynamic component. At its mildest this can appear as a "buzz" in the aircraft structure, but at its most violent it can develop uncontrollably with great speed and cause serious damage to or lead to the destruction of the aircraft.”


With the HELP device you have mechanical and energetic systems operating at the same time, in the same space, within a controlled environment. You have the ability to control the mass, and its rotational frequency, you also have the ability to control its energetic frequency and polarisation.

The HELP is all about Fluids, and not just about the Water...

The Energetic force is an incompressible, but movable, EM field with harmonic resonance properties that acts as a very thin, non rotating, static charged fluid.

The Mass force is a compressible Solid, or rather Fluid, that is highly viscous and has the properties of angular velocity and momentum.

Resistance to the passage of one through the other creates Heat.

I have not mapped the Magnetic Fields on the waveforms. They create the incompressible nature of the energetic field and act as a perfect store and return of energy.

RM :)

Offline evolvingape

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Re: 01
« Reply #5 on: April 05, 2011, 04:09:40 PM »
Hi Everyone,

I came across this very interesting information at this link:;read=201401

Mehran Keshe is an Iranian nuclear physicist and is claiming to have developed and demonstrated flying saucer technology and finalised unification theory.

The last link is a PDF summary and it is very interesting. I have reproduced the conclusions below:


The electric charges, magnetic field and gravitational fields are all of the same and of one origin. Where the gravity is due to pulling effect of two dissimilar poles of the same plasmatic magnetic fields interactions and Magnetic field is due to repulsion of two similar magnetic poles, and electric current is due magnitude of the flow of magnetic field from one field to another.

Thus the grand Unifying field is the magnetic field, and the missing link has been to understand that gravity is the product of interaction of two plasmatic magnetic fields, mass is the difference between the magnetic fields strength of similar and dissimilar field strength (gravity and magnetosphere forces strength Fig 25 of the book), and the energy is the measure of the magnetic field that is transferred between magnetic fields at the speed that magnetic field can travel within a given matters' medium, for it to be able to move from one magnetic field strength to another, and the electromagnetic current is the rate of movement of the magnetic field from one field to another and where the electromagnetic field is due to magnetic field strength difference and is equal to the magnetic field strength of an electron.

Thus the unified and common field is the magnetic field, between the gravity, mass, energy, and electromagnetic field.

Thus the unifying theory for the first time is complete and it is fully understood.

Where magnetic field interaction makes the gravitational fields and the flow magnetic field from one field to another creates electromagnetic current. Energies can be created, from any ambient, depending on what one wants to produce or obtain from these currents or fields.

Electromagnetism is created as magnetic fields strength are transferred from one field strength to another and in the process of the flow of magnetic fields this leads to creation measurable field movement or measurable current from what is called "electromagnetic fields".

This simple sentence brings the whole of understanding between magnetic fields and its flow from one magnetic field strength to another and is the grand link between gravity, the mass and energy and this finalises the long lasting missing link of the unifying field.


This is all very interesting! :)

I have been saying for a while now that gravity is a resultant force of attraction between two masses that hold an electromagnetic potential field difference.

I am going to look at this material in great detail when I have the time and see how it affects my own proposal of Electro Magnetic Sphereoidal Wavepoints.

The encouraging thing for me is that this guy Keshe will have had a huge amount of resources and a skilled team to investigate this over many years. If he is confident that unification theory is now fully understood, and has used these principles to build a working flying saucer... then... WOW!

RM :)