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The Lost Magnetic Property (1930-1950 Pole Piece)

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In the late 1950's while disassembling old radio speakers I discovered a pole piece
that was not attracted to it's AlNiCo magnet.  I don't believe it was a defect, or a
false memory because, when the material was placed between the magnet and a steel
washer it acted like a magnetic funnel, sticking the three pieces together.

According to Orthodox Magnetic Theory   S = C(P-1)
and it's not possible for a material to have Permeability greater than one and
not be magnetized (Susceptibility) when in a field.    (attracted to the magnet) 

Any information concerning this would be greatly appreciated.

A $500 reward is offered for a piece with the property or the composition of it's alloy.

Where in the speaker the Pole Piece resides

Was this something you found in several old speakers or was it just in one?  Have you tried looking on ebay or other antique sources for old radio's that might have such a speaker?  You might also try some of the audiophile forums.  You might even find an old speaker designer around.  Good luck in your search and I'd be interested in what you find. 

just a though, could it have been a grain oriented piece?

Are you sure it is an alloy and not graphite?


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