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Title: Micro Fueler.
Post by: Sprocket on January 17, 2011, 08:27:00 PM
I came across this prior-to-market innovation about 2 years ago & promptly forgot about it.  Having just remembered it, I did a Google search and was surprised to find that at least in the USA this appears to have been 'allowed' to proceed! (

However, reading through their "Subscriber Agreement" is quite disheartening.  First, there's is a compulsory network-connection charge - $99 -> $120 per year, arguably necessary & bearable...  Much worse though, If you source the "organic-fuel" from another dealer, you are charged per-gallon of fuel produced at a rate determined by what you are paying the dealer.  If you are in a position to supply your own organic fuel, you are billed $0.25 per gallon of fuel produced, or a minimum of $10 per-month - whichever is greater!

They talk about the Greed of Big-Oil, here you have an upstart-company who from the get-go is out to fleece people for what they can, even after having received $10,000 for the unit itself!

A company that surely deserves to fail...