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Author Topic: Proof and justifcation for the need of a granted R and D centre  (Read 3824 times)

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taken from the web page, and refers to the web page secitons. (web
page isnt finished yet) pictures have been taken out.

Panaceas planning for a non profit communal public owned research
and development centre for the production of open source energy
technology, and for the protection and resurrection of past
suppressed energy technology.

There is an alarming gathering of evidence against the public
regarding alternative energy suppression. One must become familiar
with these particular facts to begin to understand the only
solution. These facts from the evidence are included in the second
and third sections entitled R and D principles and energy

Panacea, through growing personal contact has pre planed
organization to recruit and consolidate the already globally
established non profit organizations and open sourced engineers
experienced in alternative and past suppressed energy technology
into a grant backed centre to achieve pilot scale feasibility of the
devices. An outline and summery of these devices and principles are
Contained here and in further detailed in the following two
sections,  R and D principles and replicated RV mode.

This organization is to provide momentum, safe conditions and
prevent suppression by educating the public, keeping them informed
and having their granted research and development centre
commissioned to keep the knowledge open sourced and protected in the
safety of the public eye for the specific goal of production and
public ownership.

The centre will also serve as education of this awareness into
established faculties of currently unknown, mis understood and
suppressed scientific data. This consolidation of the knowledge and
engineers into the none
profit granted research and development centre in the mean time is
needed to provide the alternative for education, investigation,
verification and organization for production of the devices away
from a corporate cartel influence that have shown through empirical
investigation are behind the financial decisions to regulate and
control such information, even through the universities.

This education from the centers function will be reformed based as
well as scientific. The devices, knowledge and public role of
production is associated with particular political and social issues
that deal with public freedom and regulation of present criminal

The centers conditions are needed for the engineers to work in and to
regulate corporate entities profit motive suppressions and further
enforce security of public knowledge into the public domain. The
confirming this will become clearer as you navigate through the
documented evidence on this site.

This process for resurrection of suppressed energy and open sourced
alternative energy technology into to public ownership and into
use by open source disclosure is Quiet simple to erect, and quiet
simple to maintain.

One common theme is present in the already globally established
organizations with the goals of this very task.

The progress does not lack proven working technology. The progress
does not lack open sourced qualified engineers to operate the infer
structure, or already established organizations dealing with this
particular area who have volunteers available who already work on
such issues. The progress does not lack research and development
potential to produce open sourced free energy technology. The
progress does not lack the intellectual capacity with in the
engineering communities to reconstruct and resurrect past suppressed
technology. The progress doesn't lack enthusiasm and growing support
from the public and additional new engineers becoming familiar with
the technology.

The progress lacks only one thing. GRANTS to enable a research and
development centre to produce it.

Already there are globally established communities of engineers with
experience in this suppressed alternative energy field known by
ready, for the task of this research and development. Through many
years of empirical research these engineers have through various
in energy conferences and internet based forums shown the technical
capacity to resurrect these devices and further perfect the R and D
involved. All are ready to work in the open sourced environment. All
that is required is the grants to put the technology into
production. That's how far advanced we are.

Since mainstream press, government, and local universities faculties
awareness, enthusiasm, political motive, and the intellectual
capacity to understand the involved content. The general public will
not be aware of the back round on the individuals, organizations,
and technology waiting for the critically needed consolidation of
research and development into a centre. Thus an essential back round
and introduction is needed to illustrate the point of requirement
for the public to grant this centre.

There are various pre planed organization(s) dealing with the open
source energy, suppressed and advanced energy technology genre that
lack essential funding and resources. All are available to
consolidate with planning and volunteer work for a public panacea.
Of the myriad of already established engineers, the first is Jerry
deckers conferences from

Jerry Decker speaking at the keel net conference

Jerry Decker is an avid alternative science networked, founder and
owner of KeelyNet, with a professional electronics background in
Technical Support and Machine Maintenance of 22 years. A firm
believer that information must be freely shared, particularly free
energy and gravity control technologies. The goal was, is and
remains quite simple, to assist, inspire and catalyze working alt
science technologies that everyone can duplicate, verify and put
into practical use to benefit our world.

Jerry has attracted communities of engineers devoted to resurrection
of the suppressed technology, which already has the intellectual
capacity to
Resurrect the suppressed devices and upgrade the already available
given open source energy technology.

Jerry showcases energy conferences promoting particular new and
suppressed technology and information  the aid of open sourced
engineer's Norman wootan, Doug konzen and Dr Peter lindermen.

Dr Peter lindermen speaking at the keelynet conference disclosing
Available free energy sources and past suppressed Ed gray energy

Peter Lindemann DSc became interested in Free Energy in 1973, when
he was introduced to the work of Edwin Gray. By 1981, he had
developed his own free energy systems based on variable reluctance
and pulsed motor designs. During the 1980's, he worked off and on
with both Bruce DePalma another researcher whose devices was
suppressed and Eric Dollard. In 1988, he joined the Board of
Directors at Borderland Sciences Research Foundation, and served
until 1999.

During this period he authored more than 20 articles on various
alternative topics such as Radionics, Jet-Lag, Lakhovsky's MWO, and
Free Energy. Currently, Dr. Lindemann is a research associate of the
late Dr. Robert Adams another pioneer in alternative energy devices
in New Zealand, and Trevor James Constable in the USA. He is also
Director of Research for his own company, Clear Tech, Inc

Kelly nets conferences have had the pinnacle of researches show
case , discuss and demonstrate this advanced alternative energy
field. All involved in Kelly net are willing and  ready to
consolidate into the research and development area.

These some of these include:

George Wiseman - As much as anything, it's his commitment to patent-
free technology development that has earned George Wiseman a
champion reputation. Openly sharing research findings benefits
everyone by constantly elevating the standards of viable energy
solutions. George is the developer of Browns gas generators.

Dan Davidson-who has researched alternative science subjects for
many years, an active experimenter, Dan has documented his results
in several books. His lecture described the basics of the Shape
Power discovery by Mr. Davidson, the latest research findings of the
resonant frequencies associated with anti-gravity effects related to
the pyramid shape.

Since there is no established faculties or public educational centre
dealing specifically in this medium of the energy transformation
principles for reasons stated in the introduction, Teslatech's
extraordinary conferences along with a few others have been the only
exposure of this area open to the public.

Tesla tech's conferences show case others involved in educating and
disclosing open source, alternative and suppressed energy technology.
The teals tech's extra ordinary technology conference

These conferences have been held in Salt Lake City, USA and
Sponsored by TeslaTech and Institute of New Energy. These
conferences have been video taped like the keelynet conferences
showing proof of principles and device operation.

Jeff Bahary with device at the 2005 teals conference

The extraordinary conferences have had prolific researches, whom
with out their contribution the public would have a void in the
particular issues
and scientific principles. Current faculties are unaware of the
technology and education inviolved. Extraordinary conferences have
documented proof from their video taped footage of past and current
conferences showing these devices principles and operation.

The history of the conferences disclosures of these principles and
are described in detail in the R and D principles section. The bulk
of the following speakers willing to consolidate their technology
and education into this centre include:

Moray King - who gave review of zero point energy theories and
evolution of field, citing several dozen refereed papers; said
implementation is not technology limited but politics limited
(suppression).  Plans to compile presentation into a booklet.

Thomas Valone, Ph.D. - who gave review of zero point energy (ZPE)
theory focusing on evidences from nano technology, citing peer
reviewed papers.  Discussed Casimir effect and that ZPE are
not "conserved".  Evidence that gravity and inertia are effects of
ZPE. Repulsive Casimir effects seen. In some cases Casimir forces
change sign / polarity as temperature is increased, indicating a way
to manipulate ZPE.

Hal Fox - who gave listing of more than a dozen scientific
principles that are questionable and need to be re-examined. Hal
Gave listing of more than a dozen primary scientific paradigms in
question that needs to be re-examined in light of new research,
including Einstein's relativity, big bang, and limitations of speed
of light.

Frank germano-Franks site at
presents extensive research and development into tesla turbine and
technology, along with victor schaubergers water and implosion
Frank has done extensive research and uncovered working principles
in both genres of the technology, but lacks the research and
development resource to upscale.

Despite the lengthy disclosures the general public is still unaware
of the potential awaiting in this alternative energy field. For a
more detail of tesla techs extraordinary technology conferences
speakers, their technology and including advanced medical treatments
please consult this web page.

There is solid based volunteer support with resource already waiting
support the infer structure of this non profit granted research and
development centre. With its own TV broad casting and network web
resource capacity, mattew carsons open sourced energy network
located at:

the great altruistic 'geeky' Mattew Carson

Mathew has created an alternative energy non-profit organization to
provide tools, open source communication resources, and daily news
with radio and video broad casting components, blogs and
comprehensive directory
of research. The best way to describe Mathews altruistic
organization is contained in the open sourced energy networks
mission statement.

Quote: Mission Statement:

"Open Source Energy Network facilitates energy technologies that
efficiently tap into free, clean and renewable power sources. Our
shared goal is to move the planet toward energy independence for the
sake of survival and abundance. To accomplish this OSEN provides
easy-to-use yet powerful tools to network inventors, scientists,
researchers, investors, donors, businesses, governments, teachers,
media and end users.

This communication includes ways of easily posting and sharing
audio, video, data, photos, documents, books, funds, and other
resources in an organized and easy-to-build-and-navigate system.
OSEN's web departments includes open source project pages, a daily
news service, topical directory and encyclopedia, inventor sites,
project sites, academy development, and of course a multitude of
focused discussion forums. This open collaboration will promote the
development and dissemination of advanced ideas, shifting the
emphasis away from secrecy and exclusivity toward open sourced free
energy for all." -end Quote

Osen has made contact with a majority of the engineers involved in
the common goal and technologies, and serves as an essential
broadcasting base for the current climate. But lacks a grant
supported research and development centre with adequate facilities
for production and testing to report on.

One engineer of note contributing to Osen is Lt. Col Thomas E.
Bearden (retd.) PhD, MS (nuclear engineering), BS (mathematics -
minor electronic engineering) Co-inventor - the 2002 Motionless
Electromagnetic Generator - an over-unity EM generator.

Tom Bearden, scene taken from the documentary energy from the vacuum.

Toms web page is located at
Toms contribution both on and off OSEN is essential to provide
data and proof to bridge current the gap of mainstream science
faculties  misunderstanding of the science involved, and to upgrade
what is out of date and taught in the current educated dogma. Top
has spoken on particular documentaries addressing this, and
presented working principles and scientific papers on his site, yet
despite this, the faculties have ignored this.

Tom is an engineer whom has worked extensively in providing
empirical data for upgrading the current faculties curriculum. And
is available to conduct all relative tests. Thomas beardon
Qualifications include:

A Lieutenant Colonel U.S. Army (Retired). President and Chief
Executive Officer, CTEC, Inc. MS Nuclear Engineering, Georgia
Institute of Technology. BS Mathematics, Northeast Louisiana

Graduate of Command & General Staff College, U.S. Army. Graduate of
Guided Missile Staff Officer's Course, U.S. Army (equivalent to MS
in Aerospace Engineering). Numerous electronic warfare and counter-
countermeasures courses.

Tom is a leading conceptualist in alternate energy technology,
mind/matter interaction, EM bioeffects, paranormal phenomena,
parapsychology, psychotronics, Tesla technology, and unified field
theory concepts. He is the leading advocate of scalar potential
electromagnetic, and has worked with several inventors involved in
alternate energy devices and scalar electromagnetic system

He advanced the first force-free redefinition of mass as well as an
electromagnetic mechanism that generates the flow of time, and has
proposed a testable resolution of the century-old debate over the
way in which energy flows in electrical circuits. He defined charge
q as a coupled system of two components, and not unitary at all. He
advanced a mechanism (the motionless electromagnetic generator) for
electromagnetically producing a vacuum engine, whereby the vacuum
itself is utilized to energetically shape and manipulate matter and
This device is called the motionless electromagnetic generator or

Another researcher ready and available whom has quiet extensive
empirical experience, qualifications and research results is Jean-
Louis Naudin. JL openly publishes his investigations and findings
for all to replicate and is an enthused willing participate into the
genre. The JL labs site

JL labs has focused primarily on investigation into commercial and
open sourced over unity technology research and development and
explores every single theoretical over unity claim, from old
theories to present and new ones and discloses this open sourced
into public knowledge non profit.  JL also has replicated toms M.E.G
motionless electromagnetic generator.

Even to this day mainstream scientific circles are un aware of the
and most importantly the political themes associated and disclosed
at the Weinfelden Energy Conference.

The Weinfelden Energy Conference.

Quote from a recent report.

The idyllic Swiss town of Weinfelden saw an audience of some 200
energy research interested people gathering to hear distinguished
researchers talking about future energy technologies and some
encouraging results in the gravity research field. During the two
day conference, all the audience concentrated on the lectures
prolonged by listeners' questions late in the evening. What did keep
all these people so nonstop in the lecture hall?
Having once attended the lectures of some of the most promising
people in the leading edge of energy research was not only

It also gave faith and belief in finding environmentally standing
solutions for the future energy problems. Although we currently feel
little necessity to act for contributing to any of these new
environment friendly techniques, the next generation may feel
otherwise compelled by stepwise rising conventional energy prices
and sudden fuel shortages. It is encouraging to see that so many
people feel willing to provide alternatives for our future to cope
with the growing need for human energy.

It is totally different matter if we are ready to accept even slow,
gradual switching to new energy sources even if they were
nonpolluting, inexpensive and potential for using in any place in
the world. The other side of the coin would be structural changes in
societies by means of waning employment in oil and nuclear energy
production and distribution along with cuts in state income taxes
and jerking traditional structures of authority.

Previously in the world history major changes have occurred only
after absolute necessity. So we may be not even now able to say
goodbye to gasoline until the oil wells are drained - but once they
are empty we will sure hear the question from the multitude: "Why
was nothing done before this happened?"  Now, the people in the
conference were among those personally trying to get us ready and
doing something before -end quote

Weinfelden Energy Conference :

A complete list of the principles and speakers available for
submission in the granted research and development centre are
detailed in the R and D principles section.

Further the New Energy Movement Conference is also a willing
the genre involving the relative themes and recruits engineers
waiting to contribute and consolidate into a centre for the common
goal of free energy. The following is a summery listing of
participants for introductory

A Quote forms the 2004 Report: The New Energy Movement Conference
September 25-26, 2004 in Portland, Oregon, USA, sponsored by New
Energy Movement.

Their conference aim is to present evidence and information on how
to overcome the political oppositions to new energy. And to further
discussion of promising technologies on the horizon that will
provide clean, inexpensive, decentralized and safe energy.

Motto: "We recognize that the single most highly leveraged
opportunity for advancement toward solving complex global problems
lies in a transformation in the way human civilization generates and
utilizes energy."
The following Conference Reports are by PESN and profile the
political intent as well as the technology involved.

Official Conference Website

Conference Topics Included state-of-the-art in new energy
Overcoming suppression of new energy technologies by mainstream
science, media, government and vested corporate interests.
Transition strategies to new energy and societal impacts.
Assessment criteria for selecting new energy options. Strengthening
public and private initiatives to develop new energy. Public
oversight vs. privatization of new energy development and

Tom Valone Reviews a Myriad of Alternative Energy Technologies - The
travesty is that the global warming we are experiencing is entirely
unnecessary -- if we would but just pursue these alternatives that
have been available for so long. (PESN; Oct. 16)

Martin Berger Reviews Tidal Energy Technology - Speaking at the New
Energy Conference in Portland, Sept. 26, 2004, Berger presents an
overview of the present state of the technology, including that of
his company. (PESN; Oct. 5)

Ken Rauen Gives Examples of Violations of 2nd Law of Thermodynamics -
  Rauen reviews the research he has done and the mathematical proofs
he has composed that show violations of science's "cardinal" 2nd law
of thermodynamics. (PESN; Oct. 5)

Win Lambertson Presents E-Dam - Gives overview of his solid state
energy device that he claims is 153% efficient. (PESN; Oct. 5)

Greer Flexes the Muscle of SEAS Power - Keynote speaker at the New
Energy Movement conference in Portland takes no gruff from the
opposition. Offers his company as a shield for inventors with real
energy technology to bring forward. (PESN; Oct. 1)

O'Leary Calls for Man to Harmonize with Zero Point Energy - Aiming
for energy solutions that are clean, have zero emissions, are
affordable to everyone on the planet, feasible and reliable, benign
(no weapons use), decentralized, and are publicly accountable (no
secrets). (PESN; Oct. 1)

Aligning our Energy Doctrine with the New Paradigm of a New Time -
Seasoned theorist, Mark Comings, says we don't have an energy
shortage, we have an integrity shortage. What we need is the will to
embrace and adopt these plentiful energy sources that are available.
(PESN; Oct. 1)

  Jeane Manning Reviews Viable Alternative Technologies - Speaking at
the New Energy Movement conference in Portland, Oregon, Sept. 25,
2004, Manning described several technologies of promise to bring
relief to the world's dependence on fossil fuels. (PESN; Sept. 29)

  Brian O'Leary Rallies New Energy Movement Conference - Opening
speaker pumps audience to courageous forge ahead in pariah science
today that will be the mainstay of tomorrow. (PESN; Sept. 28)

-End quote

To this very day the energy conferences providing opportunity for
the speakers education , technology and no profit goals are the only
avenue in public existence commissioned to address the issues and
when granted into a centre  able to reform the energy subjugation
and environmental conditions present. Further evidence of this is
contained in the energy suppression section.

Another organization able and waiting to render input and support
with a very diligent message is the New Energy Congress (NEC),

Quote: A Word to the Wise:

You've heard the saying, "He who is one step ahead is a genius; he
who is two steps ahead is a crack pot." That saying applies to the
world of ideas. In the marketplace, it can be rephrased as
follows: "He who is one step ahead is very rich; he who is two steps
ahead is very dead -- or at least much persecuted." If you have
a "two steps ahead" technology that is nearly ready for introduction
into the market, you might consider purposely ratcheting it back a
notch or two so that is resembles a "one step ahead" technology.
Then, once you have your foot in the door, and your reputation
established firmly, the "two steps ahead" will only be one step

The the only way a two-steps-ahead technology could be introduced
would be through open source, where a simple set of plans for an
easy-to-build device are published openly for the world, impossible
to stop by the powers that be.

The NEC Focus on energy systems that
tap into inexhaustible, ubiquitous, and clean sources of energy
generation, such as solar, wind, tide, and geothermal, but also
including non-conventional avenues such as energy, radiant energy,
colzero point d fusion, and magnet motors.

The purpose of the congress is to provide quorum review of leading
technology claims, to assess viability and prioritize. The NEC are
attempting to do something meaningful toward ending the frustration
that comes with all the misinformation claims that float around and
to legitimate the science
involved. This is another function of panaceas research and
development centre which can serve this very purpose.

The NEC with its members who currently include:

Hal Ade, Adrian Akau, Sterling D. Allan, Patrick Bailey, Jonathan
Bonanno, Hugh Campbell, Bob Colvin, Nick Cook, John Earle, Ron
Frazier, Joel Garbon, Francis Giroux, Sepp Hasslberger, Todd C.
Hathaway, Troy Helming, Reed Huish, Robert Indech, Mike Johnston,
Stephen Kaplan, Eric Krieg, Doug Mann, Andrew Michrowski, Carmen
Miller, Andrew Mount, Paul Noel, Devon O'Shea, Oztronix Studios,
Robert A. Patterson, Leslie R. Pastor, Ken Rasmussen, Ken Rauen, Tai
Robinson, Michael Schuckel, Terry Sisson, Nicholas Testad, Renrick
A. Tulloch, Thomas Valone, Gary Vesperman, Vlad, Gary Voss and Greg

-end Quote

Together they require for Physical Testing a central center location
with a laboratory for their own specific role of technology
evaluation. They also state which should be of note that for
technology evaluation priority, Open-source-willing takes priority
over exclusive scenarios.

The late Dr Robert Adams of Aethmogen Technologies with his web site aspire to provide the public with information about
some of the wondrous aetheric science technologies in development
today, through the genius of the late Dr. Robert Adams,
internationally acclaimed as one of the worlds leading scientists in
the field of research into new clean energy technologies.

The late Dr Robert Adams

Dr Adams qualifications are:

Doctor of Science (Hon).
The Ancient Royal Assyrian Order of Merit.
Founder of the New Zealand Section of the Institute of Electrical
and Electronic Engineers Inc., New York (I.E.E.E) 29.5.1968
Elected Chairman of Region 10, N.Z.I.E.E.E. (1969 and 1970).
Elected Fellow of the New Zealand Electronics Institute 1969.
Member of Auckland Institute and Museum.
Member of The Scientific and Medical Network, U.K.
Member of New Zealand Electrical Institute Inc.
Member of Royal Society of New Zealand.
1969 - Invented the Adams Switched Reluctance Motor Generator
1975 - Discoverer of the Impulse method of charging batteries
1993 - Discovered a procedure to engineer magnetic polarity reversal
1995 - Invented the Adams Super Power Four Pole Permanent Magnet
1996 - Invented the Mark 024 Thermo Switched Reluctance Motor which
resulted in the discovery of anomalous unforeseen massive heat
energy in addition to electric power generation.

His Past Position was Involved in research and development of the
Adams Super Power Thermo Impulse Salient Pole Open Magnetic Circuit
Reluctance Electric Motor/Generator which incorporates the
development of the science and technology involved in the harnessing
of aether energy via electromagnetic.

DR Adams has already public ally disclosed his free energy device in
Nexus magazine for any body to
replicate after the frustration of patent/corporate suppression.

Like the bulk of the engineers of the keely net community and others
mentioned lack funding and resources to consolidate their research
and development into pilot scale feasibility. A number of sites
profile and cover this area like mattews osen site, these include: - Daily news and directory. - Publicly editable site, with directory and open source
energy project pages. - Exclusive alternative energy news reporting.

This is realistically only about 60% of the technical support and
ready to perform the basic essential steps. Not to mention the
already available TECHNOLOGY READY. Grants are the only thing
preventing free energy now. This can be arranged in a number of ways
to minimize the resources needed.

With your panaceas public granted centre all available structure and
operating services are available to operate by volunteer work non
profit to maintain generic function. Other additional energy groups
with further input are also available to be recruited. The volunteer
work body, technology, educational organization and content  are
already established and ready to unite. The grant and public hand to
reform their essential liberty in this involement through grants is

Panacea is a not for profit organization which is to provide the
avenue for security and application of grants to this task.

The resources needed are already there to be managed and applied,
the non profit industry is a 200 billion dollar a year network in
the USA alone. The world combined population out number the
corporate money structure when consolidated to offer grants.

The public also have the capacity to lobby reform for their elected
government to allocate sponsorship and contribution to your panaceas
very task of the research and development centre. This can entail
space, and equipment donated from other established faculties like
universities co-operation , government bodies can provide additional
conditions and resource.

Panacea has already planed to take certain devices disclosed in the
replicated Rv mode section into universities to provide a start of
awareness of the already overwhelming evidence of the energy
transformation principles unknown and void of investigation from
mainstream scientific faculties. But it is the political aspect
associated with the devices use into public hands which is
fundamental in message as well as environmental liberation.

A portion of the logistics and some basic hard postulates for
university tests are described in the next section entitled
replicated RV mode.
But this is not the solution alone, a body from panaceas research
and development centre can upgrade the curriculum but must be
commissioned non corporate from the public and the device and
knowledge will be secure in the publics knowledge.

From resource management and commissioned contracts of grants from
the public the talented engineers will  have the much needed
resources to upgrade, build and disclose the publics knowledge open
sourced where as a result the technology remains UN regulated, free
and protected.

Evidence of the present conditions which  are documented on this
site proves the public must become self sufficient in this task, the
government cannot provide green non corporate free energy
That's available to be put into production  ALONE and protect it for
the public. Only the public can fund it and own it by their hand
plus reform the government to allocate their already given resources
for this research and development. please review the sections
profiling the evidence of this.

When the public get a realization of what reform is possible through
communal effort that's structured and well researched with all the
necessary implementations. Can you imagine the rest of the reform
that can follow? panacea has many of these solutions presented to
logically address, banking reform (to be fairer to the public).

Plus ecology and conservation in schools, also to help third world
and other countries with HEMP production to make them further self
sufficient and provide the basic necessities of life, being food,
clothing, textiles, building materials and ENERGY.

The public having this self sufficiency and ownership over their own
lives is in end to subjugation and is the well being humanity needs
to live safer, sustainable and responsibly begin to heal mother
earth for the next generation. Wars do not have premise to start if
the technology and equality enables well being/happiness with
peoples own life opportunities.

Corporate energy technology and industry does not subjugate when
countries have HEMP production, and the energy technology panacea
will produce in the centre is public knowledge and FREE for all.

The public need to be aware of the detail to detail of suppression,
the finer details of the poetical open sourced engineers community,
the technology ready along with the R and D to resurrect and
perfect. Plus the none profit industries potential to support this
when all proceed to contribute a tiny role each.

This along with the support government can lend in equipment and
resource under the publics decision with your panacea will mark
history as the end of subjugation from fossil fuels. The various
stages of planning for this centre and progress are included and
updated this site. Input by you the public is critical in, donation
and support. Your contribution is vital and the only way to win.

Please review the relative sections detailed the content mentioned
here to further evaluates your contribution.

principles predominantly unknown to the public e in the rarch and
facts sub section