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Title: Charging Water?
Post by: WillJ on May 12, 2006, 09:48:04 PM
An associate has found something of possible interest to the Joe Cell, Orgone followers.

Can water be charged and hold a charge like a battery!

Indeed it can. See a simple experiment at ;

it is very interesting and easy to do. This may help those that say its not possible and yet show how it can be shown in a very simple setup.
Title: Re: Charging Water?
Post by: hartiberlin on May 13, 2006, 02:58:11 AM
Sounds very interesting !
Many thanks to Ron for doing this experiment !
I wonder what we can now do with charged water ?
Was it destilled water or tap water ( with salt in it) ?

Regards, Stefan.
Title: Re: Charging Water?
Post by: lancaIV on May 13, 2006, 04:08:23 AM
we could using it !
Why there is a method of mixing water with colloidal silver ?
What is the physical attribution to this mix-effect,body-inside ?
Is silver not an anti-oxydant(oxygen:radical element) ?
Is the charging not a help for catalysis ?
Catalysis:process-velocity-change (positve:faster/negative:slower
or vice-versa)


Title: Re: Charging Water?
Post by: IcyBlue on May 13, 2006, 11:42:17 AM
What is the physical attribution to this mix-effect,body-inside ?
the effect to the human body ? Search for 'argyria' or look at this >link< (,GGLG:2006-01,GGLG:de&q=argyria&sa=N&tab=wi).
Title: Re: Charging Water?
Post by: pg46 on May 13, 2006, 05:47:28 PM
Sorry if a tad off-subject-

Just wanted to jump in quick on the defense of colloidal silver, a wonderful inexpensive product that I've personally used for years with great success as have thousands of people. It's an undeniably  very effective and powerful antibacterial and antifungal agent. "Argyria" is an extremely rare condition and I don't think there have been any documented cases of it being caused by the use of colloidal silver made in small particle  sizes of under 10ppm and while using  pure water in its manufacture.
 Also of great importance, bacteria do not develop a resistance to colloidal silver as they do/have to regular drugs. I urge people to study the extensive data available before drawing any conclusions either positive or negative about the use of colloidal silver.  8)
Title: Re: Charging Water?
Post by: WillJ on May 13, 2006, 07:34:12 PM
It appears that maybe the readers of this topic are not looking at just what the implications may be of being able to charge water. I have worked with Dr. Stiffler on this research and we are going to spend significant time on it. Why? Because for one thing, what if your electricity could be supplied along with your water supply? What if the effect of charging water could produce secondary effects, such as endothermic cooling during discharge. Think of pouring a gallon of water into a device that provides cooling for a number of hours. What about the effect of cooling the ambient air to the dew point and extracting water. What we are so excited about is, what is possible here, artifact? if so it is very interesting to say the least. Where in modern science can you study the transportation of electricial energy via water? Not H2O conversion, but raw electricial potential energy. I made the initial post to this group with the permission of Dr. Stiffler as he has known the group moderator for a number of years and felt that the readers would enjoy the news. Please if you have the equipment, try the simple experiment, you will be happy with the results. What I was asked to tell the viewers is to do the experiment as stated, do not take inventor licence and use different electrode material or containers or less or more voltage. If you do try it, try it from this base line and then move forward if you so desire.

We are looking forward to your duplication and thoughts on what may be possible beyond the questionable medical aspects of charged water.
Title: Re: Charging Water?
Post by: lancaIV on May 13, 2006, 08:02:47 PM
There is the "Joe-cell",with not common effects as communicated,
not scientifically/empirical/geophysical approved !

There is(had been ?) an inventor with the name
Jean Piere Chambrin:nice lecture "WO8204096: page 2 and 4 "!

I think we come now  into the wireless-energy-trans.../tele...-
sphere,so led us be "limitless open-mind",
"to be surprised!" depends as reaction from the own Max/Min spread!
             de Lanca

p.s.:"Scotty,beam me up-to the year :2100 !
      Which living conditions shall I/should we exspect for the
      "Generation-Next" ?
Title: Re: Charging Water?
Post by: pg46 on May 13, 2006, 08:56:22 PM
Ok then-

 Whats the quickest and easiest way to produce 5kv of power supply to have a go at replicating this experment?
Title: Re: Charging Water?
Post by: dani on May 14, 2006, 01:20:11 AM

You can get the necessary parts out of an old TV
Title: Re: Charging Water?
Post by: hartiberlin on May 14, 2006, 04:20:53 AM
What is the physical attribution to this mix-effect,body-inside ?
the effect to the human body ? Search for 'argyria' or look at this >link< (,GGLG:2006-01,GGLG:de&q=argyria&sa=N&tab=wi).

Me and a few friends have used colloidal silver solution and it really helps.
This Quackwatch link is bullshit and probably be sponsored by the
pharmaceutical industries, who want to sell antibiotica.
Also you can get only this skin greying, if you take silver salts,
but not from small doses of colloidal silver...
Anyway, also it does not look too bad, if you have some blue-grey skin ! ;)

You can produce colloidal silver already with 3 x 9 Volts batteries in series= 27 Volts DC and
2 pure 99,99 % Silver electrodes from destilled hot water.
It really helps the human body to kill all bacteria and virusses.
I can very much recommend it personally.
Title: Re: Charging Water?
Post by: hartiberlin on May 14, 2006, 04:29:49 AM
Okay, please let?s concentrate in this topic about the water charging...
You don?t need to drink this charged up water.. ! ;)
Title: Re: Charging Water?
Post by: lancaIV on May 14, 2006, 05:31:30 AM
der sogenannte Partner entwickelt gerade den Aufbau einer
hiesigen Gesellschaft namens MENP und einem Produkt namens
"HIDROLINFA",eine Apparatur die zum Bereich Bio-Energetics
angehoert !
Gewissermassen ein Koerperelectrolyse-Geraet !
In Zusammenarbeit mit Universitaeten.
Selbst bei "physischen Spastikern",also nicht hippochondrisch veranlagten Personen !
Selbst kritische Aerzte,medizinische-Einweg-Orientierungs-gedrillte Zweifler, werden nach Tests zu Kunden !
Ich stehe der Relation Physik/Mensch recht offen zugegen,
ob Behandlungen,die heute Erfolge vorweisen jedoch spaeter einen
negativen Domino-Effekt anhaben,darueber sollten/koennen wir nicht jetzt die Situation eroertern,es bedarf des Experiments !
Anbei gesagt:Die Behandlung erfolgt nicht oral sondern pe-d/t-al !
Der Begriff "body" ist nicht "Mensch-eigen" sondern universal !

     de Lanca

p.s.:Geht es aber eigentlich in diesem Topic nicht um die Nutzung
     von H2O als Energie-Speicher fuer Mensch-externe Anwendung ?

Title: Re: Charging Water?
Post by: WillJ on May 14, 2006, 08:53:05 PM
I want to add a few facts here, maybe simple in some eyes, yet important. The usage of 5kv with 220pf filter capacitance is bad for your health, it can under the right conditions KILL YOU, please be very aware of this fact when you work with duplication of Dr. Stifflers work. There are indeed a number of circuit available on the internet on how to build HV supplies, but PLEASE!, you want a supply that will supply full load current at 5kv of less than 1mA. If you build a supply like some found that provide =>30mA, if you believe, God Help You as you need to be extra carefull. Your home, shop or office wiring to earth ground with a greater than 1 ohms resistance will require the most special care

We are all confident that using the simple procedure described that anyone can charge water and see the results I have posted here. What you may not see at first is the impact of what you observe. It takes a moment or two of thought to see just how this procedure and its results can be of overall value.

Although Dr. Stiffler does not want to join this list himself, (past silly and stupid comments from arm chair members). he has however stated he will help here in addition to our web site in the duplication and overall understanding of what we are now looking into.

Please visit our site, we will be posting some very interesting information over the next week.
Title: Re: Charging Water?
Post by: Loki67671 on May 15, 2006, 11:29:51 AM
The implications of this concept are very interesting indeed. I have always been intrigued by the amazing versatility of water. I personnaly believe that researching the hydrologic and atmospheric cycles will produce very positive results. The proof of principal lies in observation of natural phenomena such as thunderstorms, tornado's, and hurricanes. The latter I intend to investigate in much greater detail. So what happens when charged water moves past a coil winding? Charge in motion has a magnetic field. The last time I checked there would have to be a voltage induced. Interesting. Should I expect conservation of charge after phase transition to water vapor and also from vapor back to liquid? I like the idea, the model if you will, presented year after year as hurricanes thrash the US coastlines. The eye/eye-wall is a fantastic example of a positive feedback mechanism that I intend on stabilizing and harnessing. The charged water concept is one I suspected and just adds fuel to my fires in this quest to do away with burning hydrocarbon fuels. We'll be talking.
Title: Re: Charging Water?
Post by: WillJ on May 15, 2006, 09:21:59 PM
Please visit our web sight as Dr. Stiffler has updated or should I say added additional information on his 'Water Charging' experiments. I'm sure your interest will greatly increase when you read some of the effects observed, such as water shooting out of the end of a wire.

Dr. Jenkin
Title: Re: Charging Water?
Post by: Loki67671 on May 16, 2006, 12:36:14 PM
Once again, very interesting. Condensation aligned with an electric field. This is something I have already planned to investigate. My lab will be completed this summer and we will have a go at these experiments. In the mean time I will be assembling HV supplies and gathering lab equipment. I wonder if the condensation is directly related to reaching the dew point, local to the E-field, or if something else is going on there. The results of these questions have direct bearing on my work.

The streamer makes sense to me as water molecules are polarized, as does the charge retention in a volume of water. In layman's terms it is very similar to stacking series and parallel combinations of batteries. When water is placed in an electric field, the molecules will align with field. No surprizes there. However, retention of that alignment after removing the field is indeed quite interesting after pouring the water into another container. You have my iterest. So it should then be possible to charge small volume flows of water and accumulate that in a large body of water thus obtaining large charges. It is good to see someone else working along these lines. Are you going to continue updating the website? It will be a little while beform I'm ready to execute in the lab, i.e. I have to finish the construction and I'm building it by myself.

Title: Re: Charging Water?
Post by: WillJ on May 16, 2006, 10:53:18 PM
Yes! Our web site is updated almost daily, but at time when things get busy it may be a day or two. So do check it often.
The streamer is as I'm told supplying seed water to which the ambient humidity becomes attracted to and then condenses out. The dew point to our current knowledge is not being reached at the corona point, although this is very difficult to attempt to measure. Digital equipment is out, mecury thermometers arc over if you get them to close as does just about anything you bring into proximity. The temperature effect and the unexpected effects of polarity are something to look into.
I have been advised that maybe this is work not for this group as the group does not have necessary equipment to perform this work. If we are bothering the group with left field research, please advise and I will stop postings????
Title: Re: Charging Water?
Post by: Loki67671 on May 17, 2006, 12:29:31 PM
I am not aware of anyone being bothered by our dialog under this topic. If this is the case I will also quit posting.

Test and lab equipment are not generally an issue, for me at least, and obviously within certain boundaries. I'm a professional test engineer first and alternative energy researcher second although I would love to have that flip flopped. My primary interests are directly related to the observations of natural energetic phenomena, the understanding of those phenomena, and their engineered reproduction with the direct intent of harnessing / harvesting energy from the ambient natural environment. Philosophically I'm driven by the ideals of Victor Shauburger and Nicola Tesla just to name two.

My interest in charged water comes from lightning observations and high power terrestrial storms. I believe I can reproduce a self sustaining storm in a controlled environment and use it for my own purposes. That is my goal and I am dedicated to that end. Electricity and water are usually a combination that gets frowned upon just as damage from storms is frowned upon. What people do not seem to realize is that it is their own ignorance and arrogance that allows them to become victims. I have my own beliefs on that subject too but that is for another time.

The combination of atmospheric cycles and hydrologic cycles appears, at least to me, to hold answers to many of mankinds energy needs/desires.

Title: Re: Charging Water?
Post by: WillJ on May 17, 2006, 03:15:32 PM
Dr. Stiffler asked me to post this resulting from a volume of email we are receiving.

1) Electrostatic Cooling is NOT new, it has been around for at least 50 years, in theory of course early on. Doing a Google search will bring up may interesting results.

2) It appears that except for Electrostatic Parcipitators, Ion Wind Air Filters and the Arc Welding along with guesses on what the government has done with it, that it has either not been followed or that the results are not being released.

3) Something very interesting is present in this area. We do not consider our findings to be in any way the so called O.U., type of response, yet in the water colloing and humidity reduction work, compared to current technology such as the compression A/C units etc., that electrostatic does it for up to a hundred times or more less power.

4) Some theories exist on what is taking place, the one we looked at closely had to do with the impact of the corona (ions) on the boundry layer (interface) with the water. This has not been verified and in fact it can only be part of the answer.

5) When water is being cooled we have noted that a cool wind moves upward from the container, similar to evaporation under force, although we can confirm that a temperature change is also observed.

6) Because of the age of some of this knowledge and the fact that a number of patents exist using electrostatics, our direction is to see why it has not gone further. If a product or method is found that is of value, we may indeed attempt to patent it. Although up to that point we will share what we are doing.

If in fact we are looking into an area that is sensitive for some reason, we do advise that if you have any interest that you print or in some way save what you feel is of interest, even the most simple of facts. We only want this understood because there is so much talk about what could happen. We therefore want what we make public to be public.

Enjoy. WillJ
Title: Re: Charging Water?
Post by: Pdave on May 21, 2006, 10:53:48 AM
What is the web site, please
Title: Re: Charging Water?
Post by: hartiberlin on May 29, 2006, 01:25:18 AM
Did they remove that topic
from their website ? at
I can?t find it anymore....
Title: Re: Charging Water?
Post by: WillJ on May 29, 2006, 01:55:11 AM
The topic was pulled from Stiffler as the paper which was to be released in July-Aug, will be finished in July, it was not felt that a duplication of effort was worth the time. See for release of the paper in July.
Title: Re: Charging Water?
Post by: Loki67671 on May 29, 2006, 12:38:03 PM
Self funded research and possibly a patent application or two. You can't blame these folks for running a business
Title: Re: Charging Water?
Post by: WillJ on May 29, 2006, 08:11:09 PM
You are informed and understand that the bills must be paid. You are correct we are currently in the process of patent apps on two systems, "ESHR - Electrostatic Humidity Reduction", which does not require reaching the Dew Point, compression, pumps etc., and "ESWR - Electrostatic Water Recover", yes, another water from air method.

Although we are releasing a paper in July on three (3) other potential uses of what we uncovered in the dead world of electrostatics. The paper will be complete with supporting math and many test examples and results. The paper is to be directed to research with the hope that someone will follow up and find additional advantage from the work. Dr. Stiffler and I have thought of a number of possible applications and devices, although we are not going in that direction. We may place the alternate research back on our site in the near future, anyone interested in developing electrostatic valves or pumps of considerable volume may want to keep in contact with the (.org) site, should we add this material.
Title: Re: Charging Water?
Post by: RonS on May 29, 2006, 08:38:09 PM
I just spoke with Will and we looked at what we had on the site. I decided that we will place back the old info and update it with non-private info as time allows. A link will not be shown on the site, but find it at  I will have info added as soon as possible, but it may not be on a daily basis. Thanks for all the interest, there is some real insight available to deep thinkers here.
Title: Re: Charging Water?
Post by: gn0stik on May 30, 2006, 11:11:03 PM
What blows me away about research like this is that water is the oldest and most fundamental of substances to man kind. No doubt the first substance used in any kind of chemistry or alchemical experimentation. And we are still finding out new useful information about it. It truly highlights how little we actually know and how ignorant we are scientifically. There are millions of more complex chemicals in nature an made by man that we have only used for their most obvious of uses and have not experimented beyond what we already know. How much more is there out there for us to discover? Volumes of information, immeasurable amounts of data to be applied to innumberable uses.

Keep up the good work Stiffler et. al.

Title: Re: Charging Water?
Post by: mikestocks2006 on May 31, 2006, 05:53:03 AM
Speaking of Charging water and Orgone energy, this maybe of interest:

"Another observable fact also lends support to the above theory. The outlet from the Car Cell is connected to a blind fitting or blank plug on the carburetor housing. This means that there is no opening through this fitting into the interior of the carburetor or the interior of the intake manifold. Yes, you are reading that statement correctly. There is NO physical opening between the output of the Energy Cell and the interior of the engine. Yet the cell works! Logic dictates that the gas must be passing THROUGH the metal of the carb housing to reach the interior of the engine. Since hydrogen is the lightest element of all (with only one proton), it doesn't seem too far fetched to assume that this might be occurring. Wilhelm Reich also noted that orgone is not hindered by metal barriers, but is first attracted to and then repelled by metal surfaces."

Some interesting videos
Joe cell, A ford F250 AWD running on water

This one amazing to watch. Another car running on the same device. They are literally pouring water into the carburetor while the car is running on the charged cell!!