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Author Topic: Nature of Magnet and Free Energy  (Read 13112 times)


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Nature of Magnet and Free Energy
« on: November 28, 2010, 02:29:23 PM »

the nature of a permanent magnet as illustrated by Ed Leedskalnin, Howard Johnson and Richard Clark.

Leedskalnin may have  not kept a secret, the only secret is knowing how to use it. It is all electricity. Tesla had reported all different phenomena of electricity with direct conversion into light, heat, cold and levitation.

Knowing how to use it all lies in the frequency and potential being used.

It is less documented but Leedskalnin was probably the first to use concentrated beam of electricity for rock cutting as demonstrated by Westinghouse back in 1971
Popular Science - Google Books

We all know that electricity alone can defy gravity.
Levitation is produced by diamagnetism existing on the surface of the Earth, (or near it). Diamagnetism operates at 90 degrees from magnetic, but in three directions, and not flat and two-dimensional on a sheet of paper as usually drawn. If magnetism flows in the plane of the Earth's surface, then diamagnetism flows straight up. And straight up is the direction that we call levitation or anti-gravity.

More Reading on  Richard Clark
 Diamagnetic Gravity Vortexes

Archived Publications from Al Fry
Honesty Organized Worldwide
Check out the Suppressed Inventions by John Freeman. Lot of informtations now makes sense, the 10 octave of integrating light from Walter Russel is a gem.

now that we know the nature of permanent magnets, a surplus energy generator can now be easily build.

we no longer need to waste energy driving an armature EMF against lenz, instead we can utilize a low powered pulsed EM coil placed on the bloch wall it self. A pulse train switches the magnet to make/ break flux path completion.

Imagine generating all the electricity that you need with a transformer, permanent magnet and a battery!. Now lets build one for the world to see.

employ superposition of fields. electromagnetic induction can be separated from magnetic flux energy without the need for motional electric field.

reduce the magnetic flux intensity to zero with superposition principle and the virtual un-destroyed field associated with uncanceled flux is still present. It is the virtual field.

It is this virtual field which produces pure motional electric field in the space surrounding the generator.
-     -
B x V

here's a start

use low volt pulsed dc from a battery.
house generator in a bloch sheild like stainless steel container etc. Clark suggested Orgone accumulator as it has more soft particles.


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Re: Nature of Magnet and Free Energy
« Reply #1 on: November 28, 2010, 08:27:26 PM »
more files from Richard Clark phd
some very useful information, others are usual filler junks.

working over-unity generator

Offline luishan

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Re: Nature of Magnet and Free Energy
« Reply #2 on: December 12, 2010, 07:53:21 AM »
Would you make the prototype and show us on Youtube ?