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Author Topic: Earth batteries in the 1800`s  (Read 15313 times)


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Earth batteries in the 1800`s
« on: November 16, 2010, 11:28:56 PM »
Back in the early 1800`s they used earth batteries to run the telegraph. There are many ways to make an earth battery, and many ways to make them produce more energy even. An earth battery can even provide voltage for many years even, sometimes up to 20 or 30 years even. So how is an earth battery made you may ask? If you take two metal pipes, of different metals, say one zinc and another copper, and put each one say a few feet into the earth spaced apart at say a foot or two, you get a voltage reading on the two pipes as they act like electrodes in the earth. You don't half to use zinc or copper, many times any two old pipes, or even any old two pieces of metal as well will do close to the same. A digital meter can tell you the voltage amount between the two metals that you have buried. However the amount is usually around a volt for say just two pipes, and has almost no current/amperage to it. Now this may seem like unusable energy since it has no current/amperage. But back in the telegraph days, they found out that this low voltage with almost no current/amperage, could in fact be made useful. I'm not going to say they teach so much how it was made useful back then now days,,nor even if they teach how it can be made useful at all, now days lol.
But there is still information on this if you google earth batteries and the telegraph. But I am going to tell you how they did it back in the day. They found out that if you run this measly 1 volt with no current/amperage into a capacitor, the capacitor somehow almost magically even makes it then a usable form of energy, that then has actual real current/amperage now. Of course it only works for brief moments of time. That means it may take a second or two to charge a capacitor with an earth battery, and then the capacitor transforms that energy into real usable current/amperage, but it can only discharge that 1 volt that now has current/amperage for a brief period of like a few seconds, then it must charge again to repeat. But that was enough time to run a telegraph as a telegraph only needed a moment to do a click right. So you see they knew a form of free energy even way back in the day, and they knew how to make that free energy from earth batteries usable. Now if you know a bit about electronics, Ill give you a test you can do to prove this. First make your earth battery with two pipes, connect a wire to each pipe, run the two wires of course to your work room. Test the two wires with a digital meter so you know which is positive and negative and how much voltage you are getting. Now take your two wires from your earth battery and try to run a little motor with it,,you may notice it does not provide enough power or current/amperage to run the motor. However if you take a capacitor and charge it with your earth battery and then try to run the motor with the capacitor, you may find the motor turned for a second or two. Of course different electrolytic capacitors store better charge then others, so try a few different ones. Now if you want to produce even more usable free energy almost magically, then try this. Ill assume you know about parallel and series wiring? But I will try to go into detail if you don't. Take 10 capacitors, then wire them all up in parallel form, that means all their positives go to one positive and all their negatives go to one negative, which leaves you with two wires left to charge them all, as there all wired together in parallel. Now take your earth battery and charge them for a few seconds. Now carefully disconnect all the parallel capacitors, be careful not to cross the wires or paths of each capacitor. Then reconnect all the capacitors in series, thats positive to negative to positive and so on. Then take that left over two wires from the first and last capacitor, as there all wired in series and connect that to your motor, and you will find your motor runs much longer, maybe 5 seconds or ten seconds even. So you see they discovered the trick, or secret to a form of free energy long ago. There you have it, real free energy, from an earth battery that also has enough amperage/current now to run a motor briefly, and this was used in the telegraph in the early 1800`s.