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Title: Piezoelectric and magnetic batteries
Post by: sixthflyingman on May 09, 2006, 09:11:15 PM
Okay. I cover a couple things here.

First off: Piezoelectricity. You take a Quartz crystal and squish it, and it makes electrical charge. But if you short out the two sides of the crystal which are charged, will it distend the shape of the crystal and neutralize the charge (until you squish the crystal more)?

Secondly: Some time ago I came across a nearly 400% efficiency machine. I can't remember much of the details of its construction, except that it was an electromagnetic solid-state dynamo, at the center of which was a magnetic ring with four seperate coils wrapped around it. It did eventually break down by demagnetizing its magnetic components, proving itself to be more a magnetic battery than a free-energy machine, however, given some more details on this machine (if anyone knows about it) I may be able to, with's help, find a way around its demagnetizing properties. If you have ANY information regarding this peculiar device, link me.