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Although I have only just joined this forum I have been concerned with OU science for the past 16 years.  Among other things I have researched the Hans Coler devices and being in the UK I have tracked down everything I can find in the UK National Archives about Coler.  Actually Coler appears to be Unruh's assistant and the real inventor was Unruh.  Unruh demonstrated a Stromerzeuger in public in 1920, but after being arrested as a fraudster he seems to have used Coler as his front man.  After Unruh's death Coler continued with the devices but in my opinion he was out of his depth technically which could explain why he was not successful in replicating the devices after the War.  I have copies of the 1920 newspaper articles, copies of all the National Archive material, a copy of the British Intelligence report and Coler's death certificate (he died here in the UK).

In the corrected Hudson letter, in your article, we can find the following paragraph :
"During the four weeks the apparatus was partly or wholly reconnected several times in an endeavour
to re-discover the correct connections of the polarity of the magnets relative to the flow of current and of
the chirality of the winding to which it was connected, the direction of the magnetic field through the
flat coils and copper plates and the manner in which these circuits were linked through the coils on the
, these being the chief variables."
This letter also refers to the B.I.O.S Report 1043, item N°31 in which we can find, in a paragraph giving a short description of the apparratus in the Appendix IV (report by Hans Coler and Dr Heinz Frohlich) , the following sentences :
"Figure 1 shows diagrammatically and in plan these interwound parts (anchor in red, field in
green, directing circuit in blue).
Figure 2 the so called basic diagram, shows the connections between these different
. This basic diagram shows the conditions necessary for self-interruption."
These two figures are absent from the unclassified document but one can reasonably assume they were present in the original classified document, because, had they not been, then why having mentionned them in the report?
So, if the informations about the connections between the different parts of the device were available in a detailed diagram in the B.I.O.S. report, why would they have to re-discover them?
This seems to me somewhat incoherent.
Do you have an explanation about this point?
solid state devices / Re: ENERGY AMPLIFICATION
« Last post by Erfinder on Today at 09:14:37 AM »
Just a word here from the unwise. Whether you are making an actual Tesla Ozone Generator replica or a simile solid state circuit based on its switching principle, be very careful of the transformer secondary. It bites!

You are far from unwise...your page was the cause of many sleepless nights....  I wish you would allow me to return the favor.
Understanding OverUnity / Re: Overunity is it possible?
« Last post by lltfdaniel1 on Today at 08:54:24 AM »
Regarding the accelerator effect the wave fluctuates giving excess power.

This fluctuate is the potential of giving excess power.

When it breaks the threshold it fluctuates.


They have accepted my accelerator effect explanation and is now going to be implemented in college or university after all being slap with conversion law in my face this is a slap back then.

Anyways if you want to extract energy from vaccum (negative) then you have to activate the perpetual process in the vaccum done with the positive vaccum which is incompatible still but will work via absorbing the energy and the perpetual effect wakes up and is unlocked(activates) in the negative vaccum called zero point.

At present the perpetual effect likes dormant in zero point energy and needs the positive vacuum to activate and work.

Zero point energy has tgo use repulsion effect of both ends of the spectrum and both being negative (as opposed to having postive and negative in a power socket we all use) as zero point energy is fully negative energy and it will attract energy from positve vaccum but this will destory energy from positive vaccum.

Zero point has an opposite equivalent and that is true if you were to do this it would create a parallel path effect

I am thinking of accelerator effect to active perpetual force in zero point to work.

To achieve this it has to be same process where you spilt the atom it takes two negative forces to spilt the atom.

So yeah if you cans see about extracting energy from negative zero point then zero point it self needs to extract energy for that as well then.

Zero point cannot self generate/perpetual what so ever, it zero point has to get energy from somewhere as well and all roads lead to zero point, it is the backbone of the energy world.

Then you say where is the energy coming from, and you say ney it comes from the positive completely opposite incompatible positive equivalent of the vacuum.

zpe is a leeching force

Zpe is a force with laws whereas the opposite equivalent has no laws.
solid state devices / Re: ENERGY AMPLIFICATION
« Last post by hoptoad on Today at 08:33:17 AM »
Just a word here from the unwise. Whether you are making an actual Tesla Ozone Generator replica or a simile solid state circuit based on its switching principle, be very careful of the transformer secondary. It bites!
We need to know what exactly is energy first. energy is moving force carried by moving matters/charges. no matter moves without energy. therefore, no free energy.

If in fact there is westward moving electrical force in the atmosphere, produced by moving sunlight, causes earth magnetic field. We need to find a way to tap that current. Magnetic propulsion might be possible.
Thanks for the reply.

OU is impossible. I am thinking at the atomic level. I think all em phenomena are caused by the repulsion force between free electrons.

If you put a strong magnet in each hand, the same pole face each other, feel the tension? Now wave 1 hand at 90 degrees to the tension, what do you feel the other hand? I feel an opposite vibration force. 

I think that is the true mechanism of em waves between antennas and air core transformers. The magnetic force is simply a circlar electric force carried by ferro matters or circling currents.

I know the key to the force is all based on f=Ke x q1q2/rr. But I can't put the math together yet. Forgot most learned ee theories.

I think earth magnetic field is caused by westward moving sunlight/ac current. Not yet figured out a way to proof it.
Some new replicas of the two-stage oscillator...

pendulum water pump

gravity assisted motor with Milkovic's pendulum principle

more GRAM project videos
Still looking for free energy? Magnetic vortex?

Or quit dreaming already?

Nah, I havnt quit. Just some time for me and getting my radio working right. I dont follow the vortex stuff.  Havnt seen anyone make Ou from it yet. You?

Still looking for free energy? Magnetic vortex?

Or quit dreaming already?

Thanks for the videos. The older ones are gems. You are a qualified em expert. I wish you are my next door neighbor.

Thanks.  I wasnt even going to do vids on this. After I got to the point of putting it together I thought it would be a cool tidbit to show.  The eletroluminescent back light element was pretty thin. Was very lucky to be able to use that led stuff from the non working 7in monitor to do the job.  Salvaged parts that the thickness was key for it to fit and work for me and every time i look at it working I an ecstatic. Technology of using leds for lcd back light has only been in recent years and Im glad it came to be. The radio came out in 1998. Id put it up against any radio out there today. No parts available except for the ribbon cable for the swing open face plate that is advertised on ebay all the time.


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