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1: gravity is conservative (look it up if you don't understand)
2: where do you get the 10W motor figure from?
Half Baked Ideas / Re: half-baked water and gravity
« Last post by webby1 on Today at 03:46:59 PM »
That is all kind of interesting.

If an exoskeleton was made out of Aerogel so that it was almost mass-less,, then the "weight" of the exoskeleton would be negligible.

If then you were to seal the up end of the hose it is easy to imagine that as the drum\lever went down that the water would then want to fall back down taking the hose with it and wrap itself around the drum again,, so you would then need to hold the water top at the upper height which would then reduce the "weight" of the water that the lever sees.  If you were to secure the hose to the exoskeleton then you would need to hold the exoskeleton.

All of this can be done maybe by a change in pressure seen by the water.  The thing to keep in mind is that a higher positive pressure will want to make the drum roll up and a negative pressure will want to make the drum unroll and where the "weight" of the water is being observed, whether by the lever or something outside at a fixed point in gravity.

From there I ponder if gravity is needed at all,, if it is only a pressure reaction.  If it truely is only a pressure thing and the volume of the hose does not change,, then what??  Could you have a change in distance from the drum\hose relative to the end of the hose without moving your input?

Tinman add resistor R3 at the end of the coil, that is L2, see what current is there, is it the same as across R2?

Hi Matt.

These are exciting times!! Pun intended....

You have made so many posts posing different questions.

Remember Verpies " most excellent " solenoid coil graphic? Showing the field concentration being greater on the inside. Perhaps you need your coils inverted? " ass about face " !! So to speak.

Then you moved onto flat coils, remarking about induction hob's.

You could try this......

It's a rather robust " Royer " oscillator but the beauty of it....... It doesn't need a centre tapped coil.

I'm just waiting on the judges report from the BiFi panel but a few flat coils seem to be the next item on the " to do " list.

Cheers Graham.
Nice can of worms!!!  ;D  Thanks for sharing that observation.

P.S. Have you tried pulsed DC (square wave) to see if the effect is the same or similar as AC ?

Have not tried a pulsed DC yet Hoptoad
But will do for sure--cant let Mag's down--must look at what dose not get looked at.

OK,so now the!wait for it!--overunity effect.

Dose ohms law fail in this situation?.

Below a pic of the result's, shown in the linked video below.

Half Baked Ideas / Re: half-baked water and gravity
« Last post by webby1 on Today at 02:35:46 PM »
If I assume that the end of the hose sees the atmosphere then the wrap coming off and going up would have P1 as the head pressure and P2 as 0,, then using Ar would give me the torque.
As the drum\hose went down and the head goes up then the torque to rotate the drum should go up,, so the cost is not in "raising" the water it is in raising the pressure.

Fun little sidetrack,, but I will still need to test for it at some time.
Joule Thief / Re: Dr Ronald Stiffler SEC technology
« Last post by pomodoro on Today at 01:33:19 PM »

Stifflers YouTube channel is still there with all the cool yet simple electronic circuits. Check out the first of the Specials, where bursts of undamped RF seemingly come out of a coil only grounded at one end, and couple to the other coil to power a bank of LEDs through an AV plug. No need for the SCE driver just a 2Hz SIG gen.
Ok,here is the video,and the test setup--easy for all to try.

This finding open's a can of worm's,and in the video's to come,i will show you why.

Is the value of current flowing through the center of the winding,the same as the value of current flowing into the coil ?
In this case,the answer is no,when we reach a certain frequency-and above.
It dose not have to be the resonant frequency to see this effect.

Even though we have a series circuit(resistor/coil/resistor/coil),where the two coils and two resistors are the same,R2 shows at least twice the current flowing through it,than that of R1.
TK has achieved a much higher differential between the two resistors-maybe he will post his results here. 

More to come--lets screw with ohms law  ;D


I don't have a BPC to play with, but this sure does look like a parallel LC phenomena where the coil has the distributed LC constants..

News / Re: Open Source Vs. Patenting
« Last post by AlienGrey on Today at 12:46:28 PM »
It dose not matter which way you go,your screw'd either way,and some one else always ends up making the money of your idea's.
Not always, half the stuff doesn't work, and what's the point spending thousands on stuff that almost impossible to get or have made without spending loads of money ? if you have an idea just sell someone a stake in it and how long do you think you will last once the big boys find out what your up to, one way or another they will put you out of buseness, just share it with your mates and people you can trust !
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