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Gravity powered devices / Re: re: energy producing experiments
« Last post by Delburt Phend on Today at 01:53:42 AM »
Correct telecom; the only momentum in Q's system is from the 2 grams. In relationship to the 2 grams the earth is at rest. The spinning motion of the cylinder is transferred to the spheres and then back again; but the earth does not do that.
Hi Guys,
Do you really believe the aluminium Tesla coil has some special properties?? :)   Tesla coil is based on inductive coupling with the primary. Thus copper is better choice. But Yes ,I have made antenna above the Granate coil from the aluminium.  If you still want to mess up with Tesla from aluminium, you still can buy bare aluminium wire and wind it together with the thread and than varnish.
These cells are all throw away as you can't plate back out the Aluminum. Same goes for any based on magnesium.
Well, well Arunus, Grumage...

I see bare aluminum and fiber glass coated aluminum, but so far no enameled aluminum.

Is there any such thing as aluminum magnet wire?

Hi Dog-one

Yes there is such a thing however you will not find it around in retail quantity.  I contacted a number of large manufacturers who were willing to send samples at outrageous prices.

We were running large experimental projects that required it.  Its used in turbines where weight is an issue.

In the end I ordered direct from China in large spools.  I have everything from half inch to very fine with high grade high temp enamelled coating.

With some of the resonance prototypes I experimented using copper and alu.  I have seen no anomalies or any OU.  Slight variations in resistance.  To date there is nothing in it.  HV, low voltage, HF, Microwave frequency......everything.  Experiments that I have not seen elsewhere.

Anyway, not trying to dissuade you.  Just honest reporting what I have observed myself.
the woman purchased two units 5-600.00 dollars each west coast USA ,been almost one year

Paper weights ,door stops .....Book ends .

No Free energy, and no Money refund [past warrantee

if anyone wishes for more info.. PM me
Resonance Circuits and Systems / Re: Energy Sav - demo conference
« Last post by Dog-One on Today at 12:22:25 AM »
they plug this into the wall to bring the motor up to speed
Then unplug the power.
The machine appears to be operating itself
Plus a substantial load.

So what's your impression sm0ky2?  Think it is the real McCoy?

If so, do you think it has a limited life-span--maybe working the little neo magnets in such
a way they eventually lose their field strength?

The one thing about this I clearly think is important, is the starting cycle.  Pretty sure
the big motor is a typical induction motor--notice it doesn't ramp-up rapidly as though
it was directly connected to the mains.  Instead, it appears to be powered by way of
a variable frequency drive that brings the motor up-to-speed much slower.  Also, when
at speed, the motor appears to be running at much less than 50 or 60 Hz.  So in my
manner of thinking, the motor itself is just as important as the fabricated generator
with all the round neo magnets exposed.  I would bet the electronics are playing some
sort of "trick" with the frequency and phasing.  I also suspect the motor drive circuits
are not continuously powering the motor.  There are probably moments between cycles
when the electronics are recovering from the motor, using it as an additional generator.
To me this is the only reason such a large induction motor would be used is if it is also
part of the generation mechanism.

Well, well Arunus, Grumage...

I see bare aluminum and fiber glass coated aluminum, but so far no enameled aluminum.

Is there any such thing as aluminum magnet wire?

Arunus, are we talking about the Tesla secondary, the Tesla extra coil (antenna), the grenade
coil, the inductor coil, or some combination thereof?  Also, do you have pretty good reason to
believe this isn't another wild goose chase?  No chance he meant iron wire?

With the discourse of late, I'm getting a strong feeling someone knows exactly how to make
this device work and there appears to be a lot of uh hum, shit standing in the way between
us and the solution.  Certainly no one that participates on this thread would be guilty of such
behavior.  And if there is, may I suggest this person become comfortable with the applied
technique known as waterboarding.  Or...

"Stay clear of folks you see, they'll be a lot of them out to hang you."
            Will Munny -- The Unforgiven

Gravity powered devices / Re: re: energy producing experiments
« Last post by telecom on Today at 12:00:18 AM »
OK. Do a simple experiment. The earth and a 2 gram steel ball.
Drop the steel ball to a hard surface and see what happens. The earth is much heavier than the steel ball, but momentum is still valid and conserved. If your theory is correct, the steel ball will bounce off the surface in a velocity greater than the speed of light.
If it does, you have a problem :-)

Vector of speed of the earth is 0 in the direction of the momentum of the ball.
mechanic / Re: GEM=(Geometrical Electricity Multiplication)
« Last post by Dog-One on February 27, 2017, 11:46:59 PM »
Yes citfta, joe "knows" so many things, even scored genius on a human contrived IQ test.

With all that knowledge, that prophet should be able to enlighten us as to why, with only
23 months left of our existence, we should care about his GEM at all.  But then again,
this would require us to forget about logic and rely completely on faith.  Been there,
done that, got the T-shirt.
solid state devices / Re: Bob boyce coil connected to a labtop free energy
« Last post by PARAV on February 27, 2017, 11:00:34 PM »

Hi Indigo 22,

Interesting work you are doing here.

Can you tell us now if that Tom VanKieulen coil set up is more efficient or productive than the Bob Boyce Toroid set up???
If so, It seems that it could be a little easier to replicate. Yes?
Keep up the good work.


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