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Author Topic: Magnetic Resonance Devices based on Don Smith Concepts  (Read 320629 times)

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Re: Magnetic Resonance Devices based on Don Smith Concepts
« Reply #540 on: March 12, 2014, 03:47:48 AM »

Did anyone had even an iota of success with any of DONs device so far ?

Or he has been making a fool out of public to sell his books and dvd's like other OU merchants out there like  Beardenn and Bedini etc.  ;D ;D ;D


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Re: Magnetic Resonance Devices based on Don Smith Concepts
« Reply #541 on: September 28, 2016, 04:50:00 AM »
Hello, I read this entire thread, as well as others like it on other forums.  I bought a pdf from on how to build one and it is not complete or nearly as easy as the ad made it sound.  Knowing there are a lot of important details involved for it to do anything let alone produce gobs of free energy led me to buy the pdf.  It is incomplete to say the least and a huge confusing disappointment.

Here are some questions I am looking for the answers to.  If I can get answers I will go and build one of these and share what I learn on this forum.
Does anyone have a source for an nst suitable for this project?  apparently needs to not have gfci, or overload protection, yet have screw terminal in addition to being 9kv 30ma output. I cant find the bertonee used in the photos, or one with similar specs.  if not can anyone speculate how to build a suitable nst from scratch?

I have seen about 5 different schematics, this pdf had two different ones and no clarification which to follow and why.  Does anyone have a schematic that has has a chance of working?

The high voltage diodes in the photos they provide are different than the part number they provide.  What diodes should be used and is there a link anyone can provide?  looks like 7 needed total, one between battery and inverter, two at the ends of the nst and 4 to rectify the output?

Where do I find the large capacitors used as the capacitor bank, or what spec should each be? 

How do I find or make the choke used at the end of the circuit before the load is connected?

the pdf shows some high voltage resistors called "voltage divider resistors" and a reference to using them after the rectifier before the capacitor bank somewhere at the end of the circuit but not sure why or what they are for.  Many of the photos in the pdf were the same as Yucca posted, is yucca the one selling the plans, trying to get support for the information I purchased and no replies are being received?

Has anyone come up with length wraps diameter type of wire for each (L1 and L2) coil.  so many variations, this pdf had two variations itself!

Thank you to anyone who can help, I want to have one of these devices creating usable power, but I don't have the electronics background of others on this forum.

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Re: Magnetic Resonance Devices based on Don Smith Concepts
« Reply #542 on: October 15, 2016, 10:03:34 PM »
this is the most convincing video I have seen yet regarding these devices  it appears I have one of my diodes backward and I might need a different nst.

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Re: Magnetic Resonance Devices based on Don Smith Concepts
« Reply #543 on: October 19, 2016, 03:54:51 PM »
I think I have the primary mostly figured out, was able to bring the voltage in a large cap bank from 0 to 100v in less than a minute.  Not saying I have it all figured out but I have some things working correctly.  after wiring my primary like the video above (paying attention to the direction of the diodes) my spark gap works great and I get sparks across the secondary coil with a screwdriver when the primary is firing.  I have no ground on my primary circuit as of right now.

Can anyone give me a thorough explanation as to how I know if I have resonance in the primary coil or not?  I have made 4 different coils (and will probably have to make more to experiment with) but no way of knowing if they are running at their resonant freq or not.  I have an oscilloscope but have never used one before so I am not experienced in using a scope and don't want to fry it hooking it up wrong.


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