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Author Topic: Colloidal Silver Water  (Read 70760 times)

Offline raburgeson

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Re: Colloidal Silver Water
« Reply #120 on: January 06, 2015, 05:15:03 AM »
I had to water board myself again. We get the heaviest chemtrails in the country here. If there is a blue spot in the sky I can take a picture of them spraying it, matter of fact I have many on my camera right now. Anyway I have a cat (animal) medicine injector and when my sinuses get loaded up I tilt my head back over a pillow and inject about 3 CCs of colloidal silver in each nostril. If there is an infection present you will feel pain.

Personally when I do this I feel muscles in my forehead relax and then the rest of the body relaxes. I'm not sure what it does but, it does it well. I have to stay on my back head tilted back about 10 minutes to give it time to get all the way up into my sinuses. I have been drinking it 15 PPM for about 6 years, no bluing, feel great. I am due to buy more silver, it does last a long time but, not forever.

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Re: Colloidal Silver Water
« Reply #120 on: January 06, 2015, 05:15:03 AM »

Offline ATOM1

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Re: Colloidal Silver Water
« Reply #121 on: June 11, 2015, 07:10:50 PM »

Very interesting INFO !

I am trying to understand why burns heal quickly with this magic water ? I understand that ALKALINE water at a PH 9 also stops a virus I tried it for 2 months and it shrank down a small wart on my eye lid to my amazement. The connection between negatively charged water negative ions and water that is changed by plants like green tea all affect the body in the same way.

An acid body say PH 6 is close to that of a growing baby whom consumes lots of sugars my confusion is why does a negative ion influence good cell growth on a burn ? Is it because the body may be an acid body ? This would show that different PH levels on both sides of reactive resistance in all organic matter can be influenced for a more advanced cellular growth stimulating say a larger plant or even fish.

Bacteria are important you need them for collagen growth as they produce the enzymes that help to build the collagen and brake down the amino acids into the right lengths as there are 5 types of collage the body needs to grow. C S water or the metal ions data show that different size metals work on different bacteria yet an overall change in PH will slow or stop a virus growing. When I started to add VC at 2000 mg my wart began to grow much faster. Most warts are a virus of some kind. 

The wider application of acid and alkaline with silver ions is very interesting yet the full effects on the human body will need a lot more study and any information we can share will be important . I would like to know if it would be possible to isolate bacteria to best size of metal ion ??? a full and complete chart for them would help science in many ways !!!

The growth of plants and fish or birds ect ect or human cellular regeneration with a combined method of this would seed some very exciting and interesting experiments and the one that is at the cutting edge is stem cell development .. It would be interesting if the 
reason for fast cellular regeneration of a burn with C W is some kind of reaction that stimulates stem cells to grow faster ????

I have been using baby to help grow my stem cells in my skin for a few months now and never wash in just water anymore I also want to try and add C W to increase the rate of stem cell growth ! Also C W as a possible switch for stem cell signal ling normally stem cells need close contact with each other to signal them to grow and often a small amount of stress like cell damage by a small burn or lack of 02 or just a scratch can set them into a grow and repair mode. But is there a secret switch in C W ??????

Stem cells grow other stem cells before some of them are converted into new cell groups so there is a never ending supply of them in the body unless you are not consuming the continuity of the right required nutrition they will just wash out or just die off ... My advice to anyone in there late 40s or older is to re grow all your stem cells even make stem cell banks from urine ect ... The holy grail of stem cell research is growing them out side the body in your own stem cell bank ... Just image it hahah but the problem there is the medium to control rapid growth .. In urine you will find all your bodies stem cells so not such a good idea to throw it away haha  C W may be the way to store them than just add baby milk mmmm  hahahah

When the medium is set one could constantly change the PH to stimulate reactive growth ???????? My intuition tells me this is the way to go ! Human stem cell like the company of plant stem cells check out the magic Swiss apples there is something about them that stops them rotting may be there water they feed on is the key ????????

Please keep up the good work and I for one would like to share some results with a solid one year plan of experiments the missing technology is a microscope to watch over the stem cells .......








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