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There are actually five parameters about energy generating appliances and the personal decision :

-household consume Wp/Wh per day
-worldwide habitants household liquid income (without/with credit potential)
-patentright saved/open source invention costs
-local manufactoring possibility and local explorable materials and recyclingability

More or less all WIPO-archive inventions,saved or open source,
in compact manner would explore an egenerator ,
which could be produced in the emerging countries for +/- 100 US$-50US$/KW and by calculated amortization over 10 years and with 5% taxation p.a. allowing an on-demand KWh-generating price about less than 0,25 US$cents.

[100US$/ea. KW generator costs x 0,125 (the 10 years and five percent tax) ] = 12,5 US$/year
 / 8766 hours per year for each KWh = "less than 0,25US$ cents" ;)

Cheap -      clean and grid-autonom      - energy will change the worldwide market rules,
this is "not really" wellcomed by established multi-national companies,when they will loose more than winning,independant from "cheap energy project/-s"participation or not.

The estatal taxation system is "urbanization grid dependant citizen" oriented and would also become to change the citizen tax payment condition.
"Urban Nomad living style" is also not wellcomed,against "I.ndustrial C.onsumer N.orm S.tandart".
A very simple "minimalism" example about "open mind" and social class interests:

                                          do it smiley simple :             
                                            1000 Euros/ea. (?)

alternatively: jovoto
and the comment:
PanTau  Systems like Yours could be made for University Camps, but I have my doubt about the costs.     

             "PanTau" shall know that this here is a Munich students living space solution,
                                         explored by their Profs.:

     the expensive -credit leverage based-"academical" solution,University of Munich :
                       38,000 Euros uninstalled/50,000 Euros fixed infrastructure installed

               This 38000/1000 relationship makes also the difference about
the commercial/"social open source project" or individual DIY egenerator production costs.

 The triple macroeconomical credit system price leverage factor will become neutralized by free
                    C.A.D.-ware archive and 3D-Printer production condition.   
    Without social overhead costs the G7-market products will become 90% cheaper.
 Social overhead costs are the estatal and manufactory and administrating worker salaries.                 
              Salary of 3D-Printer is energetical food in Watt-Units or Joule or Calorie.

Writing about 100 US$/KW eGenerator production costs I will now show the serious material and production concept conclusions :
who knows economy price politics and the discount rates/quotes
differs between "list-price"and fob factory price per palett/container,
also between readytouse condition or as kit discount,
production rights exclusivity or standart production

                      average industrial administration behaviour:
1400%-"TM/utility modell/patent right saved" product price-list(without tax) maximum       +
selling price discounted by gross-buying = 700%
selling price discounted by kit-condition  = 350%
selling price discounted by open source standart (exclusivity-free) 100%

fob production viewpoint we have to differ price and value
How many bucks do the people pay for new machines ? Scratch rest value ? Demolition
How many bucks do the people pay for new cars ?         Scratch rest-value ? Demolition
How many bucks do the people pay for new buildings ? Scratch rest-value ? Demolition

 Economically this formed material price-value relationship and monetary lost becomes amortisized :

                          And as powder/granular material new configuration and use

      This will become reality by the 3D-Print-technology and the Selfie-/REPRAP-process
                           3D Printer printing on-demand 3D Printer
                                       or in perpetuum/non-stop.

      The current 3D printing technology standart is sufficient developped(quality/quantity/precision)
      for the global political change .

     G.E. demonstration: 3D printed motor and generator parts,quasi ready to use

The "B.O.S.(built-operate-sell)factory" price has to be physically discounted,each production-unit has to become 99% cheaper:

                                  motor/generator production plant
before Roy Kessinger development : 250.000.000 US$ factory installation costs
with     Roy Kessingers concept       :   25.000.000 US$ factory instalation costs by same capacity
TARGET       3D-Factory                    :     2.500.000 US$                                        by same capacity
Modular      3D-Factory                    :        250.000 US$                                        by 1/10  capacity   


                For 2KWh electriciy consume delivered by batteries I calculate :

                    2 KWh capacity for the net energy delivery ea. KWh 150 US$ (3000 cycles)
                +  2 KWh capacity DOD-reserve and equipment losts ea. 150 US$
                +  Batterycharger 150 US$
                +  In-/Converter 150 US$                                 
                    2 KWh net energy per day delivery costs : 900 US$ + egenerator

            Would I install a 2 KW egenerator and controle elecronically(fuzzy logical) the KWp,
            the battery bank and related costs becomes obsolete.

           The egenerator as cheapest modell is a "rotary transverter",
            the KWh electricity costs will be less than the use of Nantennas which are
            production costs estimated in the 10 US$/sqm range .

           Development included winding :Ed Sines(US Navy)/META C Corporation/Wolfgang Hagedorn,
           core material: Lund University,UQM,PAM(Helmut Schiller),Green Ray
           magnets: METAMATERIAL(DARPA),Iron Nitrogen magnets,NASA plastic bonded powder
           Magnet array: Sankar Pat(Ronbach array instead Hallbach)
           transformer: Leupold(US Army "Magic Ring")
 Commercial and technical approvement organisations like WIPO, international application requirement with translation costs 50000 US$ and technical approvement like TUEV for transformer,motor and generators up to 20 KW 25000 US$(TUEV Testlab in Budapest/Hungary) ,
this means that for each "egenerator/EMD-genset"
 only +/- 1 US$ per unit will influence the price
if 75000 units will become produced.

Greater production numbers:
WIPO/TUEV           0,1   US$ ea./   750000   units
WIPO/TUEV           0,01 US$ ea./ 7500000 units

WIPO approval process and TUEV approval costs are related to total  production -costs irrelevant.


                        A 24 hour/365 days net-free economy
                              grid-net and social-net free

                    Free shareware economy and barter condition.
                  Not politicians change the political rules but the machines.                                                             

Now just translate it in coils... ;)


Resonant LCR circuit = electromagneto-dynamical circuit or e-pump cycle (analog Carnot TD cycle)


Are we looking at what happens in a circuit the right way, I mean the conventional view is always pos flow and electron view is always neg flow.
Maybe its both depending on the circuit.


Can we do something with this??? ;)

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