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Author Topic: David Bowling's Continuous Charging Device  (Read 181680 times)

Offline antimony

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Re: David Bowling's Continuous Charging Device
« Reply #510 on: September 14, 2017, 04:18:14 PM »
Hi antimony,

It sounds like you are referring to the original system that many of us worked with that required a "special" dead battery.  That idea was abandoned a couple of years ago because it just wasn't possible to keep a dead battery dead as you found out.

This is a thread about what David (Turion) is presently working on:

The last several pages contain the information about his coils he is now using for his generator that speeds up under load.  This system uses a set of 3 batteries just like the original except all batteries are good batteries.  And he keeps another 2 batteries resting, one before and one after they go into the third position where they get charged.  There are a lot of details that really need to be attended to in order to get this system working like it should.  I don't have time to cover all of them so you need to read the thread and especially the last several pages.

The two most important details to remember are these:  This system will not work with little batteries, especially when everyone wants to draw more power from them than should be drawn.  Secondly, this system works much better if a pulse type motor is used between the primary series batteries and the charging battery.  The pulse motor can be used to power a generator which is where David is using his coils that cause the generator to speed up under load.

I have verified almost all of David's work except I just have not had time to work on his generator system with the coils that cause speed up under load or SUUL as David calls it.  I have gotten extremely long run times by using a system I designed which automatically swaps the batteries around to keep them all charged.  They will eventually start going down and that is why you also need the generator to add some charge from time to time and also power other loads.  If you can't power other loads then the system is pretty useless so that has been David's goal all along to be able to keep the batteries all charged and power some loads at the same time.

Somewhere in that thread is the information for the automatic battery swapping circuit I built and used.  I don't have time right now to dig through the thread to find it.  It may be linked to in this thread also.  I am not sure if I did that or not.

We do have a mutual friend that has been using the three battery system with swapping to greatly extend his ability to use his solar panels.  By using the solar system to keep his batteries topped up and swapping the batteries which actually allows him to reuse the power over and over he can now use his battery bank for days when there is no sun or very little sun.

Take care.

Oh yeah, I didnt realize that. Then i will have to check it out then. :)

I used a regular brushed dc motor, but at the time I  thought about using a Bedini motor instead so I could charge batteries at the same time.
I know Turion is a fan of the Bedini tech, if I dont think of some other guy with a similar name.

I am going to check out the threads, and thanks to you for always taking your time to enlighten a dumb Joe like me. :)

And it is Nice to hear such positive things from you that i think of someone who doesn't just fall for claims people make like many others do.
People want to see "free energy " so bad that they are willing to believe whatever.
I am a little bit like that, but in the end you just have to take a unbiased look at it all, and then it more often then not turn out to be inflated.
You know what I mean? :)

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Re: David Bowling's Continuous Charging Device
« Reply #510 on: September 14, 2017, 04:18:14 PM »


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