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Author Topic: Clickbaits and conspiracy theories  (Read 225 times)

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Clickbaits and conspiracy theories
« on: May 13, 2018, 09:12:37 PM »
This post is addressed to anyone who claims proof of over unity.
This post is for those who cannot see the difference between whishful thinking, and real physics.

When you post a new topic, please take the advice not to claim proof of overunity before you actually know what you're posting. Not in the subject field, nor in the post itself.
When you post something interesting, it is subject to analysis, real world experiments, no looping videos (many are good at this).

When a subject pops up in this forum, claiming proof of a working machine, we most often just find a post full of inadequate formulas, CAPIAL LETERS, and a very keen "physicist". Maybe an incomplete drawing from MS Paint, handheld cardboard experiments etc. This is not proof. In my opinion, it is just clickbaits and conspiracies. It has been so since birth of this forum.

So please take my kind advice, and post ideas that is subject to analysis and discussion. Ask questions if you're stuck with a theory, because I know there are members here who can do a proper analysis, or even take their time to build something on behalf of the inventor. Some members are impossible to make a civilized discussion with, but that is something we have to live with. The ones who are convinced, but not willing to prove their theories by doing practical experiments. Thos who repeatedly post their claims, littering the forum without being willing to listen to rational explanations.

For the readers:
Please set aside your conviction, whether it be for or against the idea. Spend some time analyzing the subject. Look for holes, lack of details that in most cases determine the outcome whether the device works or not. Be critical and do not swallow all that is written as if it is truth - at first glance.
This is in my opinion very important if we want a fruitful forum with good ideas that is possible attend, and having the possibility to discuss at a civilized level. Be open for debunks and downturns. Because Mother Nature isn't very easy to tame. She is allways right, and never attemt to tell her otherwise. However, the laws of physics are man made, and can be subject to change. Let's just hope that this change, some time, can benefit our quest for overunity.

With these words I whish you all good luck, and never give up on your ideas, whether they're good or bad. Everything is subject for discussion and analyzis.


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