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Author Topic: Pierre's 170W in 1600W out Looped Very impressive Build continued & moderated  (Read 63002 times)

Offline webby1

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P.S> The opposite current flow creates bucking magnetic fields which cancel out each other. And I have impression most of guys here have that exact problem.


One coil set with 3 times the current and 1 times the turn count to 3 coil sets with 3 times the turn count and 1/3 times the current, total field should be the same but are they?
When voltage is applied what happens to the fields as the current is starting to flow? as in which field is growing and which is being held,, or,, not allowed to grow as fast as it would without the other field interactions?  What happens if the magnetic field is not allowed to happen freely?  as in what is it that limits the time for current to build through the coil.

If then you can build a higher current flow in a shorter time what must you do to slow that down to maintain a resonant interaction,,,, what if the conditions were reversed, that is current is flowing and without opening the coil circuit you could suddenly stop the current flow from source, again, what must you do to slow down the collapse to maintain a resonant LC tank. <== would this secondary interaction be at a cost to the operator or would it be the required equal and opposite force needed to maintain a resonant LC tank.

Just my 2cents worth

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Offline jerdee

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So far a 6 field 30 pole rotational system for recovery requires. (see sche).  The off state always recovers the negative diode in a boost circuit config.  Pierre posts a boost circuit in his post.  This has to be important.

I'm not understanding Pierre's recovery and source input.  He shows in his vids, the ability to charge caps and recover on the same bank without an additional switch to return the recover to the source. This doesn't make sense.

I'm studying the recovery from the series inductors.

Hopefully this helps,

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Offline listener192

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Hi Jerdee,
I am close to running my setup and one of the first tests will be to look at the current recovery through these diodes with a current clamp.


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