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Author Topic: "Free energy" and "Overunity" We need a definition.  (Read 74166 times)

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Re: "Free energy" and "Overunity" We need a definition.
« Reply #165 on: November 29, 2017, 09:08:57 PM »
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which way it will go <-- not subject to anyone's else's

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Re: "Free energy" and "Overunity" We need a definition.
« Reply #166 on: December 01, 2017, 06:16:05 PM »
Ok, I've run into several situations were all too many people from various areas of energy research get put off and/or confused by the term "Overunity", in business, scientific, engineering AND even our own back yards of "Overunity-philes"  ;)
I spoke in front of a group of pre-college students some 19 years back about this very thing "What Overunity REALLY is !!!", I started with a short presentation before the Q&A...

Overunity: A Frankenstien Experiment?

"Overunity", a word that by popular definition both inspires and reviles at the same time, those who want to create devices that produce greater amounts of energy than they use to produce that output, on the other side, there are those who believe that because of established "Laws of Thermodynamics", such devices and technology are fantastic machinations of sci-fi fans and ignorant Tesla zealots.

"Overunity" is such a misunderstood word, often misunderstood by both the believers AND disbelievers alike, as are the commonly used first lines of the three "Laws of Thermodynamics", these phrases are so quickly and blindly thrown around like weapons and/or shields against those who are looking to research and/or produce prototypes of overunity technology, most of the time used to dissuade the interested as well as an excuse to not even look into the ideas presented or refute presented ideas, data and even prototypes, a very unfortunate practice in the scientific community.

"Overunity" by popular misunderstood definition is "procedures and/or technology to produce energy greater than the amount of work and energy put into the process of the production. the "established" fact is, it IS impossible to create or destroy energy, energy can only be changed from one type to another, however, the true intention of the objective of overunity procedures and technology is to convert efficiently one or more sources of potential, stored or direct energy for use as a singular source of energy, "efficiency" is what "Overunity" is about, a word/phrase that should be changed to an acronym such as "S.E.E.C.S." or "Super Efficient Energy Conversion Systems" or something more creative, point being is that it's a very misleading word/phrase and is the first step in problematic stereotypes that hinder the progress of overunity procedures and technologies.

"Overunity" as it is intended actually exists this day, solar power...the amount of work the panels use to convert to usable energy is almost nothing, yet it is a common and popular technology, as it gains popularity, research is inspired to increase efficiency, reduce size and lower costs. hydro and wind power, sources of energy used for THOUSANDS of years in the production of food and more modern sources of electrical energy, but requires very little energy in the conversion process, even nuclear power, it requires a fuel source (which is just a source of potential energy) and an outside source of energy to start the system, but very efficiently converts that to heat, which is used to heat water to steam, that passes through a turbine, connected to giant magnet and coil generators, which provide energy for many states, the fact is, "overunity" as intended is very real and those quirky ideas that some inspired souls create are your possible self charging cellphone battery in the next iPhone 12, or your new 2019 Ford E-Focus electric, self sustaining, your house generator, ect. it's all closer than people want to admit, such as electro-magnetic, RF recovery systems, passive kinetic conversion and many other theorized and even technologies that have proven the possibility of larger and more efficient future versions that can not only attain equal recovery but greater  recovery than used to produce the results.

"free energy" is free sourced, but still costs money for the equipment, time and maintenance to convert that free source into energy, "Overunity" put as SIMPLY as it can be is about maximizing conversion efficiency "S.E.E.C.S."

doesn't matter the name or acronym used, any name more accurate to the intended effect and less suggestive is better than "Over" & "Unity"..."More than Equal", "Creating More from Less". those of us who understand the movement, that term is fine....but it's not about those of us who understand, it's about our ability to sell the ideas and designs and products to those who DON'T understand that is important for us to find support for research and development from a world that thinks we are Star Wars/Star Trek techno-fantasy geeks trying to hunt down and kill "The White Whale", since we can't go into the world trying to get help for our causes, by starting EVERY presentation with "Let me start by saying what the REAL, INTENDED meaning of overunity is.....", the word needs to be changed PERIOD when used in the outside world, a word and/or anagram that explains it clearly, quickly and simply...

if someone can come up with a more clear, concise and simpler definition than "Super Efficient Energy Conversion" (S.E.E.C.), please, God do it.

As much as we want to think of ourselves as being above appearances in modern society, the world is NOT, it is how something is first presented that can make or break a sale, and even though a potential investor in your research may let you complete your 10 minute PowerPoint presentation, they have made up their mind before you even completed your first sentence... "A revolutionary device that creates power and/or beyond self-sustaining"


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