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Author Topic: A Free Or Cheapest Method To Trade In Stock, Forex, or Penny Stock ?  (Read 860 times)

Offline guest1289

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    • The download link for the document containing my 'Inventions and Designs'

        Is There A Free Or Cheapest Method To Trade In Stock, Forex, or Penny Stock ?,  as a source of income to fund your projects.

        I have never done any of this,  since I don't know of very cheap ways of doing it.

        ( Note :  It would be useful if another website  'identical'  to this one could be created for  Stock/Forex/Penny-Trading or other related income-generating matters.
          Note :  I did state above that this is so people can fund their projects on this site   )

       Not only do you have to deposit an initial amount to get started in  'Stock-Trading'  and  'Forex',    whatever brokerage-company you use will have fees for each time you buy or sell or do anything else .

           From my point of view, even spending a minimum of $500 to establish a  Stock-Trading account is too much and risky,  so unless there's a method which costs no more than $10,  I'm not interested in Stock-Trading.

           As far as I remember you can get started in Forex with a minimum of $100, or is it $500
           However,  you have to wait 2 or 1 days to receive your  traded-currency-? or is it profit-?
           This seems to be the very opposite of what I want to be doing.
           (  Note : An Unofficial Forex  -   I wonder if people who have bank-accounts in more than one country,  that if they send themselves say $100000 from one currency into another at strategic times,  that maybe they can make $1000 profit each time they do that,  so that they could make $1000 every 1 or 2 days,  although I assume banks have limits and things to limit that  )

           Obviously I have read that everyone recommends to avoid Penny-Stock trading because it's all unregulated and scams( inflating stock prices ) and all that,  and obviously if you invested more than $1 or $10 the chances are you'd lose it all very fast.
           However, it seems perfect for what I want to do

           I want to get into  trading with $1 or $10 maximum,  and then spend a few hours now and then rapidly buying and selling in 1-session, buying and selling  500-1000 times in just a few hours ,  obviously trying to turn $1( or $10 maximum ) into  $100,   and once I reach   $100  it would be important that I rapidly transfer that to a external  bank-account  not related to the trading  .

    The  problem is,  that because I would plan to  be buying and selling  500-1000 times in just a few hours,  I would have to pay a high-fortune in fees  for each time I buy or sell  and transfer the  balance to an external bank-account.
     So obviously I'm searching for a site with no fees for each time I would buy or sell,  or unusually low fees like .001-cent,   and no fees for transferring the account-balance  to an external  bank-account.
    Due to various circumstances,  I would want to always never have more than $100 in one of these trading accounts

     I've researched as much as I can on the internet.

Free Energy | searching for free energy and discussing free energy

Offline ltseung888

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You basically want to use some gambling means to obtain money to fund your projects.

At one time, if you were a card counter, you might be able to obtain funds from casi*os. Each bet may be as low as one USD. But you need much more than that to wait for the odds to swing in your favor.

In Forex Trading, the leverage offered by the Broker or Exchange can be very high (some can be 1,000. 200 is common). Each order can be as low as 10USD. You may be able to spot some special situations allowing a sure-win. One example was from Aug 2015 to Jan 2017 when the crocodiles attacked the Chinese currency RMB. The crocodiles claimed that RMB would devalue. The Peoples Bank of China stupidly Forex Traded on the Forex Exchanges of New York or London. It was the only major player popping up the Exchange rate of RMB. It burnt one trillion USD reserve and still failed. The RMB exchange rate CNH depreciated over 6%. If you know how to trade, a 1,000 dollar bet could earn you 100K within that period. (The opportunity is now gone as China Forex trades via its own exchange.)

There is a sure-lose way of binary options. That gambling setup allows you to trade starting at 1USD and bet hundreds of times in a few hours like a casi*o but the odds are insanely in favor of the unregulated casi*o.

The easiest way to get funding for worthwhile projects in China is to discuss your ideas in one of the coffee shops or tea houses in the "entrepreneur support" zones in Beijing, Shanghai or Shenzhen. Angel funders will come to you.

You can get more information on the thread - UFO Propu in this forum.

Offline guest1289

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    • The download link for the document containing my 'Inventions and Designs'
  I do not have any project( related to this site ) that I want to raise funds for,  but obviously many other members do.

  (  To be honest, I would only seek to raise funds to obtain the  use  of  accommodation  that would have a very   'special-type'   of quiet( but with all the other   'normal'  types of noise of all places ),     or rather,    accommodation  that would only have one  'special-type'  of  noise problem not present  )

   You already know most of the material below,  but I will type it anyway and also for anyone else reading this

   Capacitor Propulsion in a high-vacuum :

    And,  in a lower vacuum :

    They say it is very difficult/costly to replicate the same vacuum as space, on earth,  so why do they not just test this Capacitor-Propulsion  and others up in space,  maybe because it might work

     The tests above may indicate indicate it is not( or not the same as )  ion drift or ion wind being generated in air

    It may work because of one of the examples in the  Faraday-Paradox( there is a wikipedia page for the  Faraday-Paradox ).
      If  you  spin a   Disc-Shaped-Magnet( near  'nothing' else ),  an  electrical-current  will be generated onto the magnet,  and can be collected from the magnet.
     It works because  the  magnetic-field of the   Disc-Shaped-Magnet  does not spin with the magnet,    in other words the magnetic-field  stays stationary and causes friction( induction ) with the  Disc-shaped-Magnet  which generates an electrical-current onto the magnet.
   So the magnetic-field  is ?  made up of  Aether or stationary-? particles sitting in a grid/lattice pattern in space.

   Therefore it is possible  Capacitor-Propulsion could be pushing against Aether or stationary-? particles sitting in a grid/lattice pattern in space.

   The webpages below do not mention any tests carried out in space

   The following quoted text is from my post :

     Tesla had stated somewhere  that the  source of the energy from his overunity? invention( was it one of his inventions related to this ) was  not  'electromagnetic' ,   that makes me wonder if the source of the energy from his overunity? invention  was  'gravity',   that his  Solid-State-?  invention converted gravity to electricity,   
        -  Is it possible he visually confirmed this by observing an  anti-gravity-effect

    And, if a  radio-receiver-device was to be  funneling energy from a  radio-transmitter-device as described on  ,    would there be a physical pulling force between them,    for-example,     if the  receiver-device   and  transmitter  were on free-floating boats,  would  they move toward each other,   either like an artificial version of gravity,    or,   as a possible alternate explanation of how gravity works,   if so,   then could this be an idea for producing  anti-gravity

    That could be another method of anti-gravity,  emitting a field that is in resonance with gravity but somehow out of phase with it,  or should it be completely synchronised/in-phase with gravity

   The following quoted text is from the same post :
   However,  keep in mind, that there seems to be 2 different  concepts in this topic :
     ( 1 ) - You emit a radio-signal( same amplitude and frequency, but offset phase,   as the target  radio-signal), to funnel the  radio-signal from the  target-transmitter into your device to  gain  the energy
     ( 2 ) - Your equipment funnels in the  radio-signal from the  target-transmitter by a method other than 'emitting a radio-signal'  ,   so your device can gain the energy,  I assume this would be the most difficult method 

    So number ( 2 ) method may-? be a method of anti-gravity without needing to emit a field,  and may be be different to  gravity-shielding,  I think it is mentioned on :
     That  webpage above is where I became aware of number ( 2 ) method, and it makes no reference to gravity,   except for a link  your can find by searching for the  text  "gravitation"

    So I just made some assumptions/theories from that page



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