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Author Topic: Possible Overunity Containing Devices You Already Unknowingly Buy From Shops  (Read 1216 times)

Offline guest1289

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Possible Overunity Containing Devices You May Already Unknowingly Buy From Shops

Ferrite Beads On Power Cords For Laptops etc
  - I read these are put on the cords to smooth out any spikes in the current etc, however,  for those that believe in  'iron-core' overunity in electromagnets,  etc,  or magnetic-compression of electromagnetic-fields of conductors to achieve overunity,  then maybe those beads act as  power-boosters  at the end of these relatively long thin cords.

  Why fill these small portable indoor heaters with oil,  when they could just be solid-metal or filled with some other solid material and the heat output would be exactly the same,  although I assume it would take longer to initially heat up other materials.
    But they mention something about the oil circulating inside the heater,  and I have read about  overunity-generators  based on things like spinning oil .
     Maybe their is a much reduced overunity effect in these heaters.   

Devices Containing Electrical-Transformers And Generators
   I have read maybe one or two peoples theories that  overunity-principles/designs relating to  electrical-transformers and generators   already exist in devices we have at home.
    I wonder if maybe they are used to compensate for the power losses of less efficient parts of the transformers and generators,  so those particular aspects of the designs are very toned down in their effectiveness.

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Offline dieter

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Very vague. For instance, the oil heater thing I read too, in Kelly's free energy concepts collection. I did not replicate this particular design, but some others from his ebook, without success.

Conventional transformer design suffers of becoming "in phase" with the primary coil when under load. Best designs used on powerplant industry level may reach close to 100% efficiency, afaik.

Unconventional transformers may however use other methods and therefor reach higher efficiency, eg. by utilizing the surrounding space's effort to reestablish the random magnetic equilibrium, for instance seen in Jacknoskills' open coil system.

Offline Zephir

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Tesla coils and induction heaters from Chinese e-shops. The truth being said, their construction is very primitive and ineffective with respect to heat wastes - especially at the case of Tesla coils, which don't utilize ZVS circuit.


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