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Title: FEMM very quick tutorial
Post by: dieter on February 17, 2017, 07:47:44 AM
FEMM is a free software to simulate complex magnetical situations.

The user interface is unfriendly, but it's a powerful simulation, based on real science etc.

I try to make this as short as possible:

Files: New fem project.

Operation: on Node
click somewhere in the upper left corner to make a Node. Also make nodes in all other 3 cornes. Stay in the positive range (see coords info bottom left)

Operation: Segment
now connect the 4 nodes by clicking them, this is intuitive.

Properties: Materials Library
By dragndrop put some materials to the right including air.

Operation: Block
click somewhere in a corner of this big rectangle. Click the rectangular selection button and select this "None" Block label.

Operation: Open selected
Choose Air

Create now inside this air your first magnet, eg by:
Create 1 Node, select it.

Edit: Copy
Give it the Width yoz need in the x-offset.

Now you have 2 nodes, which you select both, then copy them vertically as desired, example given  "2".

Operation: Segments
Connect them as you did for Air with Segments

Operation: Block
click inside this box to make a new Block label,
click rect. selection button (you have to do that repeatedly, it kinda sucks) and select it.

Operation: Open Selected
Choose material, eg. NdFeB..

You're about to do your first simulation:
click the Run Mesh Generator button. That's the yellow icon button under the Operation Menu. All magnets must be inside air, btw.

Then click the next button, Run Analysis

Then click the next button, View Results.

Now you can also tweak the rendering, using the rainbow icon button.

From here you can do a lot of experiments.

Title: Re: FEMM very quick tutorial
Post by: Floor on February 18, 2017, 01:38:52 AM

            thanks 2x