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Author Topic: Simplifying what we have observed  (Read 8007 times)

Offline webby1

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Re: Simplifying what we have observed
« Reply #90 on: April 08, 2017, 11:07:44 AM »
I guess my view on some things is just not the same as others :)

the capital letters are not yelling,, but for emphasis, and it is not aimed at any single person.

Small rant,,,

Have you ever noticed that physics is circular?

That is, it defines and equates to a closed system.

When you read the words "in a closed system" and you apply the laws of physics,, what do you think that means?

What it means is that when you apply those laws and formulas on EVERYTHING that you THINK is within the system and something does not add up,,, well then,, that means YOU did NOT include ALL things,, now you have to go and find what you missed.

Please note that the laws of physics did not and do not state that YOU appreciated everything within the system under investigation,, they require YOU to ENSURE that you are including EVERYTHING within the system to make THEM balance out,, if they don't balance out? then they require YOU to go and find what was missed.

It would be nice if people could just use the tools available to find new stuff instead of spending so much time and effort miss-understanding the tools.

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Re: Simplifying what we have observed
« Reply #90 on: April 08, 2017, 11:07:44 AM »

Offline webby1

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Re: Simplifying what we have observed
« Reply #91 on: April 08, 2017, 10:19:54 PM »
Just as an example of why using a circular system is important and or helpful.

Using base 10 as the accepted and understood number relationship.

Accepting that there are + - * /

and that + is the opposite of -
and that  / is the opposite of *

We can understand that

2+4 = 6

and that

2*4 = 8

Now since the system is circular we can solve for an unknown.

2+? = 6
? = 6-2

2*? = 8
?= 8/2

Now if then you have a condition of data that shows that

2*4 = 9

Then something is missing

since 2*4 = 8 not 9

so you could then write it as


and now you can solve for ?

Finding the answer to the ? within the test results can be harder,, but you at least know that you need to find something.

It could be that ? is not a single operation,, it could be all manner of things and that is where having help could be beneficial.


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