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Author Topic: Sonoluminescence/Merredith-effect/Ramjet Oxygen-In-Air Powered Engine  (Read 1928 times)

Offline guest1289

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     Sonoluminescence/Merredith-effect/Ramjet  Oxygen-In-Air  Powered Engine 

     Wondering if it would be possible to power an engine solely on the oxygen in air,  mainly by using  Sonoluminescence,  although I don't know if it could also be combined with the principles of the meredith effect  or ramjets .

   (  I'm surprised I can't find anything on the internet about engines designed to be powered solely on the oxygen in the air   )

   Keeping in mind how easy it is to make small-sonic-booms with anything you have,  it's obviously very easy to compress air sufficiently( although sonoluminescence technically works via sound ).
   -  So obviously you can imagine a very basic design of a wheel hand-spun in one direction to create one ignition of air in a cylinder,  and that combustion spins the wheel in the opposite direction to create an ignition of air in another cylinder,  so the wheel would go back and forth.

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Offline mscoffman

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Re: Sonoluminescence/Merredith-effect/Ramjet Oxygen-In-Air Powered Engine
« Reply #1 on: November 05, 2016, 05:47:05 AM »
Sonoluminescence occurs in vaccum water vapor (not air) when vapor bubbles collapse into a coordinated vortex form and
indicates that conditions that would support nuclear fusion are present, though not necessarily that fusion is occuring. It is in effect
the very smallest size scale of a water-hammer energy concentrator. Sonoluminesences can occur in other solvents like benzine
and pure hydrogen peroxide H2O2. Any energy output does not occur because of the sonoluminesence per se but that indicates
the conditions that triggers energy release in another form such as LENR is occurring. So sonoluminescence is not acoustic but
actually metascopic ionic electronic. Humidity in the air might be sufficient then to keep a repulsine type turbine spinning.

Offline Floor

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Re: Sonoluminescence/Merredith-effect/Ramjet Oxygen-In-Air Powered Engine
« Reply #2 on: November 05, 2016, 02:52:29 PM »

I have an odd  / criptic question for you Mr. Coffman. If it doesn't seem to make sense
please don't be concerned. 

Are you a son of a sangar ?



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