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Author Topic: Could Someone Put Together A Brief Puzzle Summary  (Read 2162 times)

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Could Someone Put Together A Brief Puzzle Summary
« on: October 28, 2016, 01:13:03 AM »
   I don't like to interrupt where I have no experience,  and I don't build anything etc etc

   Could anyone put together a very brief and concise summary of all the clues provided by   Erfinder  for  some  sort of effect or generator  which he would like people to figure out ( puzzle ).

    (  is he claiming surplus energy generation or self-running )

    If  'all'  of the clues were summarized as briefly and concisely as possible into one post,  then that would make it much easier to  look  at. 

     I assume that his puzzle doesn't involve 'Compression'( like a ring-magnet around a wire etc ),  or not intentionally anyway.

     He typed something about the elite/chief  transformer?  designers of history  described their designs( which are the basis of todays designs ) as working in a particular way or 'effect'( A Lie to cover up the real  effect or design ),    that the  truth  is that their is something slightly different going on in these  transformers?  which makes them work,  SO,   that if that hidden  effect/design  is optimized,   the result is  surplus-energy-production or self-running.

     Strangely enough thats what I briefly glimpsed  approximately  2-months-ago? ,  when Erfinder  claimed he could prove that  Lenz's-Law  is incorrect,   but it was so difficult to mentally grasp that  I lost it.
      (  I'm not sure if he stated or thought that a  non-pulsing/steady dc current transformer is possible )
      (  I think he retracted that he thinks  Lenz's-Law is incorrect  )

      -  Could it be something to do with how you either face the peaks of two pulsating currents directly against each other,  or,  you face the peaks of one  pulsating current into the lows of the other current,  or some variation of that.
       Does he use a third coil ( I assume he does )

        Could it be that each coil in his design has a different frequency?( or other different frequency or current characteristic )



        -  Remembering that  visible-light has a frequency like everything else,   and  photovoltaics transform light  into  current.   
            Does the  Transformer-Effect  in photovoltaics  possibly also happen via  Lenz's-Law .
             - Are they sure they know how photovoltaics work.
             - Are they sure they know how   Lenz's-Law   work.   

          THE REASON I TYPED THIS   is  because   a current flowing through a wire at SOMETHING CLOSE TO THE FREQUENCY OF LIGHT ( as close as possible ) WOULD SEEM TO BE A NON-PULSED/STEADY CURRENT TO THE TINKERERS ON THIS SITE since they don't have the equipment to measure such high currents,  so  using such high frequencies you would appear to contravene  Lenz's-Law  only because your equipment can't measure such high frequencies.

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Offline guest1289

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Re: Could Someone Put Together A Brief Puzzle Summary
« Reply #1 on: October 28, 2016, 01:42:58 AM »
  And also re-state,   that  different coils have different 'resonant frequencies'

   (  obvious to everyone here,  but something  'I don't'   comprehend sufficiently as to why they have different 'resonant frequencies'  )

   Would his coils have different 'resonant frequencies'

Offline guest1289

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Re: Could Someone Put Together A Brief Puzzle Summary
« Reply #2 on: November 01, 2016, 12:01:27 AM »
   I didn't realize it's a  motor-generator.

    Apparently the  rpm  is directly related to the number of  permanent-magnets in the device,  which  is exactly what I posted some months back,  that I noticed   that-effect  before the common internet existed,   and that in recent years I only found one person( not the maker of the device this thread is about ) who had posted research about  that-effect  on the internet,  that persons research was so hard to find initially that I never re-found it,  but it might be  the  dc-motor-book  sold via this site.

    I wonder if there is some sort of limit to how many permanent-magnets you can add to a motor to increase the  rpm,   before you reach an 'effect-limit' which is not due to  air-resistance/air-drag .

   (  It is possible that  'Compression'  is a factor( playing a part ) in this puzzle-device,  since adding more  permanent-magnets  to the device,  would create  more  'Compression'  somewhere   )

    Before I realized that this device is a  motor-generator ( I thought it was a  solid-state-generator,  using coils with or without cores ),  I was going to suggest that -
     -  One, or more, specific frequencies/currents( combined,  or,  a single specific frequency/current ) had the resulting effect of turning a core( or secondary coil )  into a    steady-non-pulsing-electromagnet,   since a  core( or secondary coil )  would momentarily retain it's  electromagnetic-field  after it is no longer supplied with the current that is inducing it in the first place,   So,  that when it's  supply-current( frequency-cycle )  is turned back on,   'Compression'  occurs(  power generated ).

      -  the other thing that I was going to suggest,  was that if  2  'frequencies/currents' are combined,  the combined result could be such a high-frequency,   that it could effectively be a  sufficiently-steady-current    to maybe turn some  core or coil into a  non-pulsing-electromagnet,  so that  'Compression'  would occur(  power generated ).

Offline Zephir

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Re: Could Someone Put Together A Brief Puzzle Summary
« Reply #3 on: November 01, 2016, 01:30:36 AM »


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