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Author Topic: PATENT - UTILITY Model(l)- COPY-RIGHT - OPEN SOURCE  (Read 974 times)

Offline lancaIV

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« on: September 26, 2016, 01:30:16 PM »
                                  The Rules of the Game :

here are some members which are working in different threads about "energy harvest and conversion",
with different kind of interests ,social : individual up to geral or economical or for honor(Un-/Title) !

                                      right claims = obligation acceptance
            Monopol claim,temporal validity: First Finder/Inventor Rights and Obligations
Is their work new,global-wide re-/search : is - it seems -shall be - is not    new !
                                     "It is not new !"- Consequence :
                                     no "claim" right grant receiveable
          (probably Nobel-Award,Oslo,Peace-solutionfinder/ Ig-Award for Stupidity)

                                            TRIZ-developer Altschuller
                                   TIPS(Theory of Inventive Problem Solving)
                "95% of all open questions about problem-solutions are resolved !"
 (Only by studying the patent/utility model archive,not included the dissertations fundus)

                                                      Where to find ?

                                    90000000 publication from all branches
                                     private and comercial and estatal
                                birth up to death,creation and destroy related

 Patent granted /Patent application (no grant : pending phase or deemed) /Utility model(l)

                                          and also here to find :
    dissertation,open source : each one worldwide can use the work result,fee- and licence-free
but it is not unpolite to give a link to the source and discloser

                                           this is international law and order condition


            one special case we can find in the "patent property law" : bancrupcy

              a bancrupcy eliminate this "imaterial rights",the claim object becomes "open" !

Did not 2008 the G7-estates manipulated the Finance Market then the Industry would have been
becomed very "claims"-naked !
Liquidation only of material substance property, Finance Industry overestimated with credit debts
                               (+/- worthless -scratch value) 

But this is history-study object : Germany WW1 and WW2 property lost for each war reparation and
compensation and 89/90 the G.D.R.-economy liquidation.
The great Depression,Black Friday: German illiquidity to pay WW1(1929 !) debts and the
financial chain reaction

U.S.A.: politician Trump and the treat of the Trillions of U.S.-debt,not the innerstate,but the exterritorial debt hold by G20 estates : if the U.S.A. wil become illiquide,the industry will loose the "intellectual property claims" ,inner-estate and exterritorial
But to make it clear: Trump or Clinton,also Hillary Clinton will have to resolve this "debt bomb",
and it is not only in the U.S.A. existant ,this finance system countdown : China "ghost/phantom economy",EU-Europe ......

                                                international PCT law and order 
                                            and (Ex-GATT-) now WTO-principle

It is fine to become rich or richer,but by trust and confidential and sustainable work methods
and not by citizen right abuse and violation and estate bancrupcy by "not-geilen" politicians and
"wellfare-estate: por gratia" stupid voters ! win/loose=1 there is no win/win and loose/loose plan

                             free -open source- world development :
                           global all free dissertations work object/claims
                           global all free ex-granted patent claims and utility model(l) claims 
                                                                  patent right validation
                                                                                               utility model(l) right validation
                           global all free patent applications
                                         the right to name the "patent pending"-phase and right violation=abuse
                           global use of national patents excluding the nation where the right claim applicated
                                     for example only DE-application= exterrritorial DE      free,open source
                                                        only US-application= exterritorial  US      free,open source
                                                        only ... (U.N.O-member)

                           one time 1 descripted claim patented and publicated means this is not more
                           patentable by other in other countries world-wide,but if not WO-applicated or
                           continental and only national this will become worldwide free 

Probably today 99% and more of our comercial market is "intellectual property claims" free !

This is the base for the next evolution,the 4th industrial Revolution,based by 4D-Technology and EPROM-kind society.
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Offline Floor

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« Reply #1 on: September 26, 2016, 04:41:38 PM »


 thanks for the post !


Offline guest1289

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« Reply #2 on: October 25, 2016, 12:25:13 AM »

  If anyone is interested in jointly trying to patent or register anything I have designed etc,  contact me at  :

      ( Note :  sometimes I don't check my email for a while  )


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