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Author Topic: Faraday paradox revisited,magnetic field rotation question.  (Read 26938 times)

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Re: Faraday paradox revisited,magnetic field rotation question.
« Reply #105 on: January 30, 2017, 08:37:30 PM »
I'm still trying to find electric field around spinning magnet


    You probably already know that apparently if you freeze a permanent-magnet,  it's  'Electric-Field' becomes permanently visible in the ice,  but I can't find this mentioned on wikipedia or on any credible-scientific-website.

  However,  I have never heard of this being tried with a  spinning-magnet,  that could be done in a hollow part in the ice,  or outside the ice.

   You can see a photo of the frozen  'Electric-Field'  on the  webpage  in the quoted-text  below,  from a post I made on another thread
    -  The proof that a  permanent-magnet( an unpowered-magnet )  has an electric-field can be viewed when a magnet is frozen solid in water,  the  Electric-Field then becomes clearly visible
        In the webpage below, find the text -  "Notice the angle of the electric field thats perpendicular to the magnet" - ,  to see the photo of the frozen magnetic-field of a permanent-magnet
          However,  I wonder if when you freeze a permanent-magnet,  it may become closer to being a super-conductor,  which is actually different to a room-temperature permanent-magnet,  but obviously a frozen permanent-magnet is not as cold as a  super-conductor( a much lower temperature,  frozen permanent-magnet )

   The Following Relates To  Energy-Amplification  Via  Geometrical-Means,   For Example,  A Motor With A Large-Wheel On It's Axle,  And That Large-Wheel Turns A Small-Wheel Which Is On The Axle Of A Generator.
      It Relates To This Thread,   Because Of A Detail In The Last Paragraph.

   Faraday's First Motors,  And Generators, Seem To Have No Points Of Electromagnetic-Friction,  So,  I'm Thinking If They Would be Ideal To Test Out The Theories Of  'Energy-Amplification'  Via Geometrical-Means/'Purely-Mechanical/Electrical'( Geometrical-Means, see above)  Designs,  Which Are Usually Discredited Due To Torque.

    However,  I assume that faraday's initial generators( and all subsequent others) did in fact have problems with the electromagnetic-eddies( lenz's law ) that they created.

   -  The question was asked on this thread,  that if  when the speed of  faraday's-homopolar-generator  is increased,  whether or not it generates more voltage,   I think the only answer provided,   was that  faraday's-homopolar-generator  needs a very high rpm to generate any power.

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