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Author Topic: Exploring Sonoluminescence : a discussion on "Simple" replication methods  (Read 224 times)

Offline ramset

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Here various methods will be discussed .. the goal being a running sonobubble
in the Lab [or kitchen table :}.

an open source project with many possibilities for all manner of experiments !

more info will be added over the next few days
any and all contributions  geared towards a simple running sono bubble experiment
are welcome here.

*****more to come*****

Chet K

for clarity on topic placement ,
here we have topic moderation ...and also resonance plays a huge part
in the electronic  methods for doing this sono bubble.

Free Energy | searching for free energy and discussing free energy

Offline stivep

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Re: Exploring Sonoluminescence : a discussion on "Simple" replication methods
« Reply #1 on: September 24, 2017, 08:47:22 PM »
If some of you think about entertainment here  I can not promise you that.
No BS....
You want FE  you need to pay attention .
When I say that something works it works beyond any doubt and is replicatable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So search for word "Works" in my  posts


It is quite  unique  approach to  FE including but not limited to water, ferrite, oil,  gas of density  higher than density  of gas trapped it it.
We are dealing with  thought to be  real nuclear phenomena  here.

Devil is in details!!:
again  please memorize it
Devil is in details!!:
Imagine discovering bubbles in your bathwater that are as hot as the sun’s surface.
You might wonder how they got there, and you wouldn’t be alone. For 70 years, physicists have puzzled over sonoluminescence, a process where sound waves create thousands of hot, luminous bubbles in water.
sonoluminescence is present also in various number of different medium and is not reserved to water only.

sonoluminescence shows presence of number of  particles  present in the process( depends from medium used)
someone can  play with it introduce  other specious like   

- beta/beta minus -antimatter,


You can mechanically create cavity vortex or cavity bubble in centrifuge.
Please analyze some useful hints given in my video :

some original links  used in this video are:

pictures from my video  worth  your attention: start from Wesley's news4
other  pictures are self explanatory

Picture Wesley's bite will not be explained at this time.
However it is 100 %working device producing (due to energy conversion). electrical  power .
Concept is not new  and it was used in space exploration successfully for decades.

For particles source not much to explain   is so easy.
Neutron gun is easy to build not much secret in it.

some links for now ( it will be more):

2. step by step how to do it:

3. something for your entertainment  might not open
you can also  try :



« Last Edit: September 24, 2017, 11:56:12 PM by stivep »

Offline stivep

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Re: Exploring Sonoluminescence : a discussion on "Simple" replication methods
« Reply #2 on: September 24, 2017, 11:32:19 PM »
In every successful  device eg. Akula Ruslan  SR Lithuania experiment
We have seen  presence  of audible  sound coming from  ferrite.

Now how about  if we immerse  electromagnetically  vibrating ferrite  in longitudinal wave ( sound wave) and slowly change  frequency  , but not only frequency  ,  width   and shape of the signal  while  piezosounders are directly  attached to the ferrite core
At certain point   we  dealing with acoustical resonance and  harmonics.

we also affecting crystalline  of the ferrite and  anything possibly  trapped in it  might be  cavitatively  interacting
-it will manifest  itself


Offline ramset

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This is priceless for replication parameters

looking for more specs on the mentioned **Teachspin apparatus

so as to minimize costs to the Builders/replicators.

** more info /details to be added here .

@ Wesley
a wonderful Contribution which will greatly expedite replications and enhancements .

very exciting indeed.

with gratitude and appreciation

all "on topic" comments appreciated, this is a moderated section of Stefan's forum.


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