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Author Topic: HIDDEN FREE ENERGY TECHNOLOGY IN BIBLE  (Read 11494 times)

Offline that_prophet

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    • free energy generators EXIST as electricity multipliers
« Reply #30 on: October 09, 2017, 10:27:22 PM »
FREE ENERGY FROM 1 ROTATION OF DC MOTOR + 100 cm circumference PULLEY = GIVES YOU 100 ROTATIONS OF AC GENERATOR ON A 1 cm circumference PULLEY ------ TESLA RULES ----- (+ don't listen to the torque lie, as there is no torque problem, because even though you are generating massive voltage-[which is exactly what you need to crank over your large pulley] you only need to generate one mere spark of current, (the amount of current that it takes to crank over the motor one single time) + power is calculated by voltage time current, so even massive voltage multiplied by practically zero current, still equals practically zero power, costing practically zero torque)
Multiplying Free Energy is super simple with this GEM-(Geometrical Electricity Multiplier)=AC type - free electricity multiplying mechanism at This is a device that can be easily + cheaply assembled by using one large pulley attached to a DC motor, + at least one mini-pulley, (the smaller the better) connected to AC generators, both motors must be of the same voltage, 4 diodes to build a crude full wave bridge rectifier-(converts your AC output into DC input for your drive motor's needs), a lot of wire to connect your electrical components together, and a belt, strap or tied piece of rope or string, to connect the two or more pulleys together. This has to be dirt simple + cheap to build, as the people that will need to be built this are the soon coming Tribulation Saints, whom cannot buy or sell. The Door closes on the peace treaty signing on 2019.04 -
This works on the simplest of principles, the principles of basic preschool pulley mechanics, where you only have to pay the small amount of electricity,(only a spark) that it takes to gain one single rotation of a DC motor, with a large 100 cm circumference pulley attached to it. With this one rotation of a large pulley, you can freely gain a long length of 100 cm of moving belt, which will give you a multiple of 100 rotations, for your one rotation of a DC motor. This could be multiplied by as many 1 cm circumference mini-pulleys that you wish to attach to this same belt. Then all that you would have to do is, attach AC generators to each of these mini-pulleys that you choose to attach to the same belt as your large 100 cm pulley.
You could freely gain 1000 cycles of AC electricity from this single burst of DC current, if you chose to attach 10 mini-pulleys to the same belt/strap, with AC generators attached to each one. Please don't listen to these fake worries about torque being a problem, as these mini-pulleys would run free of any torque, as torque comes from when you need to generate power. Power is calculated by multiplying voltage time current, and although your many rotations of these mini-pulleys are generating massive voltage, (which is exactly what you need to crank over your DC drive motor), you are in need of only one mere spark of current. So, even massive amounts of voltage, when it is multiplied by the almost zero amount of current that it takes to rotate a DC motor once, it would equal out to practically zero power, cost practically zero torque. 
You are seemingly cheating the laws of thermodynamics by using pulley mechanics to freely multiply the # of rotations, and then by adding an AC generator to your mini-pulley, you are actually multiplying AC cycles of electricity. The AC generator is running very free, as it is only winding up massive voltage + practically no current, as it only needs to generate one mere spark of DC current, just enough to rotate your DC drive motor once. This one rotation of a large 100 cm pulley, can be converted into 100 rotations of a mini-pulley of 1 cm circumference. Since AC electricity is created by rotations, and more rotations is more AC power, multiplied rotation is equal to multiplied AC electricity.

"There is a most powerful spiritual warfare going on
over this GEM technology. Can"

They must understand that there is a strategic balance of fish.they must
understand that should that balancing scale tilt just one degree west then the earth shall split
in 3
 My name is mabus and I am here to light a hundred hands when the commet shall run

When the commet shall run

When the commet shall

Free Energy | searching for free energy and discussing free energy

« Reply #30 on: October 09, 2017, 10:27:22 PM »


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