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    • free energy generators EXIST as electricity multipliers
« Reply #30 on: June 19, 2017, 02:59:14 PM »
This is so super simple + cheap to build, that I hope many will try + build this Miracle of AC multiplication hardware,
I can only hope though, as I know many will still not believe
.       This is so dirt simple that you will kick yourself, after you discover just how super simple this technology truly is. How is AC electricity made, by using rotations of a coil through a magnetic field, and we can use a set of varying sized pulleys to multiply your total # of rotations. So, we can effectively multiply our amount of AC electricity by using simple pulley mechanics.
.      This GEM = (Geometrical Electricity Multiplication) technology is super simple, and is based on basic pulley mechanics. In it, you pay a small amount of DC electricity to rotate a large 100 cm circumference pulley one single time, (one mere spark). Then you run the 100 cm of moving belt, (off the 100 cm of circumference) past a mini-pulley of only one centimeter circumference, giving you 100 rotations, which you covert into 100 cycles of AC electricity, by simply adding an AC generator to it. You are merely using the 100 cm of belt that you get off the single rotation of a 100 cm circumference + by running this length of belt by a 1 cm circumference pulley, with an AC generator attached.
.     Now, you have just multiplied your single burst of DC current into 100 cycles of AC electricity. Please don’t listen to the mythical torque problem, because there is no torque problem. This AC generator is running practically torque free, because all that it has to generate is the single burst of DC current that your DC drive motor takes to make one rotation. And please remember, that you get 100 cycles of AC electricity to generate this single “spark” of DC current to power your drive motor, so this is generating practically zero current, divided by 100.
.     If you run wires from your AC generator output, + put them into the input of a full wave bridge rectifier,(4 diodes) + then run wires from the DC output of your full wave bridge rectifier, into the input of your DC drive motor, you should have a working mechanism. This perpetual free energy generator mechanism is complete, + you should be able to start it running by merely rotating the large pulley by hand, a quarter turn.
.     Please don’t listen to the torque problem, as it is non-existent. This AC generator is pretty much free floating, as for all of its 100 rotations, it only has to generate one small spark of DC current. That is one small spark of current, that is divided by 100, so you only have to generate 1/100th of a spark of current per rotation, or 1/100th of practically nothing. 
.     You must have your AC generator + your DC drive motor of the same voltage.
.     This is so simple + cheap to build guys + gals, please build one to prove it works,,,
I live in a nursing home, so I cannot even have the simple tools to build this with. This is so dirt simple + easy to build, that satan is laughing his as? Off, at how gullible we simple humans are. But he will get his just deserts, when Jesus returns in His Glory, before the second door close on 2025.94 = 2019.04(door for rapture) + 6.9(7 Hebrew years = 2520 days)
.     So we have less than 19 months to live, before all born again followers of Christ, only those who are looking for His Return, will vanish off this earth in the Rapture = “blessed hope”

Until you build it you will never know,, you have been informed how many times now about your spark,, to many to count.

You have had a few actual mathematical explanations with the real world interactions provided to you but you still fail to accept that information.

There is NO explanation needed because you DO NOT get the gain you think you will with the setup as you have described it.

Try this then,, clip as many playing cards as you can so that your electric wheelchair makes those kiddy sounds,, clicking on the spokes,, the more the better,, see how much time you loose off of a charge with just those little sparks of noise,, for your condition that would be 1000 cards,, I doubt the chair would move with 1000 little playing cards in the way,,,,

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