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Author Topic: half baked idea that needs your signature to come out of the oven  (Read 2760 times)

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Interesting idea to basically make tax dollars pay for themselves and strengthen the dollar while cutting deficit spending over the long run why didn't the politicians think of this a program like this would have kept heavily vested solyndra from going bankrupt and likely blazed a wide path of followers in its wake.

From the Credo Mobilize website below:

LIHEAP is a great program that is intended to help out low income families a much needed tool in a society that has such enormous growing gaps in income. This program has way more potential to build bridges and make these gaps smaller. What needs to be done is instead of doling out money to individuals we need to start rolling out renewable forms of energy in their home or rentals that would cover their energy costs for an average of 20 years. Or we need to entrust co-ops and other energy providers with this technology and require them to give out LIHEAP benefits accordingly to low income families.

Why is this important?

You may ask why this is important and how does this really improve our standings? Well it will be a multi-pronged solution in truth. We will have renewable energy rolled out either to homes across the USA the safest bet. (If war were ever to strike it would be nice to have a distributed grid of electrical power to keep people connected. It will also cost utility companies less as they will not have to pay taxes on the expansive land needed to host such a project.)  Or we will have it set up at our various utilities this would make things equally as good because all of the downsides of homeowners or landlords having these renewable power stations on their homes or in their yards would be taken care of and with all of the different utility companies it would still be spread out to some degree to maintain electrical integrity at time of war.

Now how about your tax dollars actually paying off for once? Your tax dollars would be invested in not only providing energy to low income families no no no! On the contrary, there is so much more that is created from this you will have a thriving renewable energy industry employing people to install and service renewable energy providing many, many, jobs.
-Raw materials
-Recycled materials
-Service & Maintenance.

All of these jobs created a great start to building those bridges I talked about!

That is not all we will help curb the progression of global warming to a fairly high degree and bring ourselves closer to a position where we can display our true concern for the degradation of our planet due to CO2 emissions. With electric cars becoming a viable reality we must make this leap.

By lowering the Gas, Coal, and Nuclear usage in our nation we can also lower our dependence on other nations making our nation self-sustaining thus giving more strength to the American dollar and getting us out of debt.

When we lower the demands for gasoline, natural gas, and LP, we do something rather extraordinary as well. We get a surplus of these things that does not mean that the price will plunge into nothing because there are people making sure that the prices either hold steady which is important to some extent because otherwise you would have people buying dirt cheap gas until we run out and we then have nothing in place to catch the fall. I know to some this will sound mad but in truth what it should help with is keeping a more stable price at the pump, at the LP tank, and at the natural gas distributors preventing a lot of the price spikes that happened this winter and in the previous years with gas. And I believe that is something we all can live with.

So I am asking all of you to petition LIHEAP and help set up new standards to improve everyone's life no matter what class you are in if you are a part of this economy this is going to invoke an economical change for every member of the working class.

GET EXCITED!  JOIN ME NO MORE WHINING ABOUT BAND-AID SOLUTIONS. This is real change this is something for everyone to get on board about!

P.S. Can you also take a moment to share the petition with others sites that have to do with renewable energy I think the push is worth the effort!

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