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Author Topic: Chubinidze Coil  (Read 10839 times)

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Re: Chubinidze Coil
« Reply #15 on: February 10, 2017, 03:37:09 PM »
With a bit of experimentation, I have come up with a powerful embodiment of the principle.

In the center there should be something, even if only fields, but you want the center to contribute.  Iron filings or sand, a magnet, bismuth, capacitor, a central wire (as Kapanadze uses).

Next ideally would be concentric cylinders (they could be aluminium foil or tape but with a conductive overlap not a gap), this could instead be a coil winding, but again it can be omitted, but these do increase the energy.  You could have layers of aluminium foil and paper for an orgone accumulator effect and or charge the layers foe a capacitor effect.

Then the split cylinder, while difficult, it is ideal if one half of the split is bent as shown, this might be doable in a vice.  You want the end on one side to point to the side of the end of the other.

Then the outer circle is a representation of any coil that might pick up the energy coming out of this through the gap, or anything being subjected to the energy coming from the gap.


I would have to read and re-read your posts again but it seems interesting, and something that would be possible for me to also try.
I have thought about the concentric capacitor, and i am trying to make one, but i haven´t gotten very far.

Each plate or layer have to be shorted or whatever, but should the con-cap only consist of two concentric plates, or?

I re-wound the two outer layers, and put Al-tape in between, but it didn´t make any difference. I havent been able to get any output at all to light the bulb, and i don´t know what to do to get output.
I watched a guy on youtube called foaxmore or something like that, that also tried to replicate the Chubby, and he said that he needed to have two different grounds to get anything on the output.

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Re: Chubinidze Coil
« Reply #15 on: February 10, 2017, 03:37:09 PM »


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