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Author Topic: Tesla's Ambient Heat Engine Theory - Right or Wrong ?  (Read 65616 times)

Offline pomodoro

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Re: Tesla's Ambient Heat Engine Theory - Right or Wrong ?
« Reply #90 on: June 29, 2016, 08:30:05 AM »

See water evaporation as the same as microscopic turbulences, such as brownian motion.

This may not be correct, because if the humidity is enough, there will be no overall evaporation of the water, but brownian motion is still there. For the bird to work, there must be no equilibrium regarding the evaporation of water, only then will there be an increase in entropy ,as the liquid water turns to vapor,  to drive the evaporation, and thus  cool down the water.
Thankfully, great areas of non equilibrium exist in the world.

Ok, maybe you say  now then combustion of fuel would be the same. Maybe it is, for me the only point is: it must be clean and freely available.

Remember that an increase in entropy is all the second law is about.

A vapor doesn't want to become a liquid again , because it has less disorder when it is  a liquid and therefore less entropy,  but at cold temperatures, the heat released by condensation, is turned into entropy of the surroundings ( the molecules or air around the water molecules) and  can overcome the loss in entropy of the system (the water) and steam turns back into water in the clouds . The overall entropy still increases! It is all described by the Gibbs equation as mentioned in a previous post.  In a nutshell BOTH  the evaporation and then condensation of water at a different temperature , humidity etc, is allowed. No work is needed, a change in temperature does the job.

In a different way, combustion of fuel creates more entropy, so the second law again allows it.  But to make the fuel,  the sun's energy was used by plants to trap carbon dioxide into solid lignin. The entropy again decrease, but this time, work was done by the plant and sun to go against the second law. The 'condensation' of CO2 into lignin is not allowed , ever, by the second law, there is no heat released, as in the condensation of water, so work was needed to do this.

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Offline Tom Booth

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Re: Tesla's Ambient Heat Engine Theory - Right or Wrong ?
« Reply #91 on: August 18, 2016, 08:06:46 AM »
I'm going to be working on building a prototype "Ambient Heat Engine" as best I'm able. If anyone would like to follow the progress or assist I have a funding page with updates here:


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